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They didn't ask the biggest question. Will this game leave you feeling indifferent?

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@billyhoush said:

Wish this was out on mac cause I'm too lazy to bootcamp.

@billyhoush: this sums up my life sometimes.

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I completed this earlier and found out that there are quite a few different endings to the game. Apparently I'd locked myself out of a couple of the 'good' endings and some back story, due to what seemed like a fairly inconsequential decision I'd made within the first hour (and at the time, I didn't even know there was a choice). Seems like pretty stupid design to me.

Other than that I enjoyed it, but it left a bad taste. This is not the kind of game I replay for multiple endings and ever-so-slightly different branching pathways. It just means I'll probably never know what I missed.

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Fuck yeah Logant Cunningham. Seems to keep showing up in these little adventure games.

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Brad: That's my secret Vinny, I'm always tired!

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Oh man I just saw Tom there and I'm grinning too much.. I wonder if they also have a Crow cameo?

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All I can think of is Kevin from The Office when I hear the protagonist speak; it's almost eerie.

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@Laivasse: yeah that bummed me out pretty hard, the bad endings are pretty cool at least.

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LOL. "nay you are not worthy' says the human obsessed robot.

(dialogue option that Vinny has not clicked): I am also a humanist

Vinny:"ok I give, no clue"

oh well. I guess he recording video is a different mindset, I just know he is probably gunna figure it out in a sec.

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Human-worshiping robots that can't recognize a human skeleton? My interest is piqued.

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heh. yeah Crispin is kinda like Morte

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Hey, remember when you indie kids complained about "brown" shooters?

This game is so fucking brown, it´s not even funny. Also, it suffers from Monkey Island 2 syndrome, in that the backgrounds appear to have been much higher res- and at some point and they scaled them down to 320x240.

Looks like a solid adventure game though. I´m craving for one of those, but Gemini Rue let me down soooo hard. Didn´t like it at all.

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This game looks pretty cool. I think I'm gonna have to pick it up.

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Wadjet Eye have got the throwback look of early 1990's adventure games down to a fine art. Same voice actor as Azriel in Gemini Rue.

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@posh said:

anyone catch the dialogue in the game where he says "giant bomb"? that's in a few games. feels deliberate

It's likely deliberate, yes. After GB did a QL of Gemini Rue their sales skyrocketed (at the time it wasn't out on Steam, GOG or Gamer's Gate, so it had to be purchased directly off the Wadjet Eye site), the developer created a account here and gave away discount codes for the game in the forums. So they very clearly know about Giant Bomb, and GB's coverage probably helped them quite a bit financially.

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The android one looks like Parkour Robot from Gunnerkrigg Court.

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Some of the artstyle really reminds me of H.R. Giger

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Pixels and post-apocalyptic robots, nothing can go wrong.

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Man, this game's style is amazing. Both the way it looks and the way it sounds, with that lonely, desolate... hang/handpan/steel drum thing tapping away. That's a fantastic sound for this environment, metallic yet organic... It's also great to hear Logan again, I love that he's getting around!
Yep. Not a huge point-and-click adventurer, but the setting and style of this really makes me want to see more. The "primitive android" was the last straw. I'll have to get it at some point.

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Wish I wanted this game. I love Resonance and Gemini Rue but I'm not a fan of Crispin and the sense of humour in this game. Plus the story seems kind of boring so far.