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More Sleeping Dogs!

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loved these quicklooks, too bad i believe this is the last DLC for sleeping dogs.

really wished they finished it like they did with the zodiac tournament dlc.

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Video not working :(

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Video works now!

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One of the best ever streamed quicklooks. Sleeping Dogs for 2013's 2012 game of the year.

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More Sleeping Dogs!

Agreed. I can't see enough of this game.

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May Sleeping Dawgs never die.

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The car "event" about 20 minutes into this Quick Look caused me to laugh loudly and wake up my Sleeping Dog Son. My wife would appreciate an apology, Giant Bomb.

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FYI folks @vinny@drewbert in case you want to listen to the music for sleeping dogs that played in the very start here you go

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That's the wei I like it.

(I'm sorry.)

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When I saw Ryan and Vinny did a Sleeping Dogs Qucik Look so I stopped everything I was doing to watch.

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Yay, missed it live.

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nothing makes me happier than vinny playing sleepy dogs

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Vinny needs to start his own 24-hour Sleeping Dogs streaming website, though only AFTER he completes his upcoming Lords of Shadow 2 endurance run.

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Wei Shen motherfucker!

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Hopefully this isn't the last we'll see of Sleepy Dawgs! It's also kind of fitting that the game and most of the DLC is on sale on XBL this week.

Also, I believe the best possible continuation would be a Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky themed DLC - it would suit this game perfectly.

p.s. Oh my fucking god, that car flip bug.

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One day, when there is no more DLC, I will watch every Sleeping Dogs QL in a row and it will be glorious

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Jesus, how much friggin' Sleepy Dawgs DLC is there? I'm not complaining, because any excuse to get Vinny back into Sleepy Dawgs on the internet is a good thing, but for as much as people have said that game was a failure at retail, the post-release support sure makes it seem like somebody's making money.

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Did someone say more Sleepy Dawgs coverage? Fantastic.

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May I just say that this was one of the most incredible to watch quick looks GB has ever done.

Vinny's ability to produce hilarity out of this game is sometimes borderline magic.


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That purse joke needs to fudging die. Also so that car glitch was hilarious!

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Wow, they're really continuing to support this game. Kind of surprising.

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This is a top ten all time video. Ryan's reaction is priceless and then hearing Vinny throw down the controller is amazing.

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O god 13:34 I'm crying.

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Shut up Ryan, the combat in sleeping dogs is amazing.

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yes!! More Sleeping Dogs I love it!

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Car flip was the best thing that has ever happened. Pack it up Giant bomb, it's over.

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@cretaceous_bob: im imagining these dlcs are turning a profit and then the word of mouth and the constant sales of sleeping dogs related content, i have to imagine this game struck enough of a profit now.

really hope it leads to a sequel

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The gift that keeps on giving.

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THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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This is, without a doubt, one of the best Quick Looks.

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This was one of the best quicklooks of all time... of all time!

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For that one moment, we flipped.
For that one moment, we flipped.

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Do gifs work nowadays?

Edit: No, open it in a new tab and join in

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I hope they keep making DLC for this game just to see Vinny do more Quick Looks.

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Vinny is a mad genius.

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Goddangit and I thought I got all the DLCs with yesterday's Steam Sale :S

Edit: LMAO, I'm watching that flipping moment OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. 13:37, couldn't be elseway.

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Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WTB youtube, or a player that works with HD, and isn't broken on the whole (still).

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@magicafiend: omg me too i had to watch it again, best thing ever!

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Don't want to sound like a bum... But why do they have to always do annoying things at the beginning of the video? I always fast forward it grrr, not fun to watch.

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Ryan was so damn pumped to see that car flip into the air, and you know what? I was too. Vinny and Sleeping Dogs... it's like magic.

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They just keep on cranking these out, crazy.

United Front Games was mentioned in the credits of Tomb Raider (PC at least), I wonder what role they had in that exactly.

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I'll buy whatever Sleepy Dogs they're selling

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Nice to know everyone has sat on a DLC quick look with Vinny with Sleepy Dogs

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I'm getting a serious Aum Shinrikyo vibe from these cultists.

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They need to release a Blu-Ray Special Edition Collection of the Sleeping Dogs Quick Looks, with the game on the disc. I would buy the shit out of that.