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Already have this quest

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Gotta go fast

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Hope it's better than Ep 1

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genesis does what nintendon't

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Alright, let's do this.

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@Joker369 said:

Already have this quest

Me too lets high five man B^}

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I was about to play Diablo III but I can't help but stop to watch a train wreck.

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Why would they make a second one? Must have sold well.

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oh hey, this is a video game.

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Patrick sounds different

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I still want it, I can't help myself.

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Bosonic!... The Hedgehog

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Fuck me, this game looks so fucking sluggish.

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I totally agree, as soon as there is gameplay or the speed goes and it's not just taking you on a rollercoaster ride, the sonic games fucking suck. The problem is that the further into the game you get, the less speed and rollercoasteryness (words) you get. I don't think I've ever finished a sonic game but I've played loads of em.

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How slow Sonic's feet look while spinning is really bothering me to hell.

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Well Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I having "Episode I" tacked on to the title made this inevitable I guess. I'll sheepishly play this.

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Feels too zoomed in. Is it just me?

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Game's been a blast so far. I really don't think it deserves the review scores its been getting so far.

and as always watching Patrick struggle with these games is painful to watch.

Also no mention of Episode Metal using Episode 2's lock-on technology with Episode 1

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Never Forget

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That doesn't sound like Patrick. Does he have a brother with short hair and a goatee?

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I remember hearing they changed the engine, but good lord it looks slow.

Also Patrick, if you had a second controller in sonic 2-3 you could have someone else play as tails and carry you around like in this game. (Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying?)

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Oh man sick Patrick sounds like Patrick when he was on 1UP Yours.

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It is better than Ep 1

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Patrick thinks this looks better (graphics-wise) than Generations? Is he blind?

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Jesus, that water stage music is awful!

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why are you yelling patrick?

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@Skanker said:

Patrick thinks this looks better (graphics-wise) than Generations? Is he blind?

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I love these Brad and Ryan quicklooks. :D

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The only part I disagree with is that what made Sonic good was his sense of speed. While that was a factor, the problem with the Sonic Team and Sonic games is that they don't understand that Sonic running fast isn't as interesting as Sonic in a world where he CAN run fast but there is also the option for real cool exploration.

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wow tricky sounds really sick

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To this day there's still no more terrifying sound than the sound of Sonic drowning.

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The problem with Sonic "gameplay" is the crappy level design (at least in the old Mega Drive / Genesis ones). It's confusing to navigate the areas (although props for the non-linearity), when you go fast, you can't see what's ahead and the game throws enemies or level geometry in the way that'll take all your momentum, the underwater stuff is always the worst thing ever (worse than the water temple in OoT), etc.

I even hate the conflict of the game tracking your completion time and the number of rings because as a kid, I was never sure if I was supposed to get through as fast as possible or collect as many rings as I can.

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This looks alright. Camera seemed too close in at some points on the land parts, but other times it looked fine. Music's spot on.

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Sonic isn't a bad series, this is just one of the worst games. Abjectly bad.

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@Binman88 said:

Feels too zoomed in. Is it just me?

way too much

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@Shaka999 said:

I remember hearing they changed the engine, but good lord it looks slow.

Also Patrick, if you had a second controller in sonic 2-3 you could have someone else play as tails and carry you around like in this game. (Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying?)

In Sonic 2 a second player could control Tails, but it wasn't until Sonic 3 that you could carry Sonic around. This is also the reason why; while Sonic 2 is my favourite nostalgia-based Sonic game, (as it was the only one I had as a child) Sonic 3 is my favourite to play now, (as when I do play, it is usually as Tails assisting my Fiancee through the game.)

This is also another reason why; despite not playing the original, I can't wait for Epic Mickey 2, because it looks like I'll be playing Oswald the Rabbit in that game, flying and carrying my Fiancee around the world again.

How romantic.

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Sonic is back! Finally!

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Why is he so slow?

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My god. They actually did a sequel to this?

I guess I'll save the judgment until after I watch this, though.

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"As soon as Sonic slows down it stops being fun." So the second level of the first game then.

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Dude that level design and enemy placement is total bullshit

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@jonnatar said:

"As soon as Sonic slows down it stops being fun." So the second level of the first game then.

Yeah. People keep forgetting that Sonic 1 was way slower than Sonic 4. Even 3 was.

I get the feeling that people that were 10 at the time and didn't play a ton of Sonic 1-3 kind of miss the point of Sonic 4. This is a speedrun game. It's about memorizing stages and figuring out how to do them as fast as possible without making mistakes. Which is what all those "slow" moments are about. You want to find either a way around them or a fast way through them.

But hey, that's fine. I got more Sonic 4, which I enjoyed and these guys get to joke about Sonic for twenty minutes. Win/win.

But man, the music in this game sucks.

Sorry, had to say it at least once.

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Edit: Is there a problem with the HD Versions of the videos recently? They seem kinda blurry to me, but maybe thats just me

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I could never quite put my finger on why I hate Sonic games, but I think Patrick and Ryan sort of nailed it. 1) The too-close camera, and 2) when things slow down, the game ceases to be fun. The second point is something I knew bothered me, but it never occurred to me how unusually close the camera was and how much I was bothered by not being able to see more what is going on around Sonic. Also, I've never liked the art style or color palette of the Sonic games, but that's not what bores me.

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@Abendlaender: Yeah it's been like that since the new video player came up.
QLwise it was what was expected, shame they didn't have Episode Metal unlocked as that seems pretty cool.
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HEY, I liked Aero the AcroBat.

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The camera is close in order to create the sensation of speed.

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why does this look so slow for a sonic game.