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Posted By MediumDave

Man, I hope there's dicks and boobs and shitty cg blood and terrible greenscreen and tons of fuckin' just like the show!

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Posted By Kazzenn

The loading screen stuff is the best part of the game, pretty much the show dialogue.

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Posted By SpikeDelight

"Everybody's got a thing... that's mine!"

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It's a me! Spartacus!

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Posted By Wampa1

@kazzenn: That "Shit eater" bit of ahem.. flavor text fits the tone of the show's Romans pretty much perfectly.

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Posted By Hour_Glass

Learning how Romans made concrete doesn't help us; we already basically knew how it was done. It also takes too long for the concrete to set even though it has some better properties than current concrete. Also fly ash is way cheaper than volcanic ash; it is a byproduct of energy generation and some power plants will pay to get rid of it. If the hoover dam was made with Roman concrete it would still be drying. Greek Fire is way more interesting.

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Posted By JasonLeeson

This generation can't be over quick enough.

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Posted By dsouvannarath

I love when Drew chimes in during the quicklooks. We need more proper quicklooks with him!

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Posted By Tr0n

TV show was probably one of the best actiony TV shows out there. Recommended.

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Posted By DeadeyeMcCoy

Fun for the whole family shit right here

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The only thing that might qualify as "fun" about this game is the carrot/stick balance and constant drip of the equipment upgrade path. There is new stuff to buy and earn after every fight. I actually got hooked on unlocking and buying new characters and equipment for a couple hours despite the graphics and game play being fairly awful.

If you were to buy that $150 coin package, you would literally be paying to remove the only feature of the game that is remotely compelling.

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Posted By JayCee

I love the new "Drew chirps in from the control room" trend that has been popping up lately.

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Posted By wrecks
@tr0n said:

TV show was probably one of the best actiony TV shows out there. Recommended.

Yep. Stylish and brutal. Loved it.

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Posted By Rayeth

Drew is the virtual "3rd man" on every quicklook. BEST QUICK LOOKER CONFIRMED.

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Posted By mento

Well, at least they got the feel of the show right, from the look of the Batiatus ludus to the unusual syntax the show uses in its lines. I believe it's supposed to evoke the way Latin is spoken, in terms of where verbs and subjects fall in written Latin. Kind of goofy, but you get used to it after a few episodes. As you do the various "shit-eating" and "my cock rages on" bon mots.

It's a fantastic show, incidentally. Like around episode four or five they actually get some proper writers in yet still manage to retain all the ridiculous OTT CGI violence and Cinemax softcore shit without compromising its emotional core. The series finale was one of the best hours of TV I've ever seen.

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Posted By Edmundus


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I actually dig it, it simple yet complex enough, the loading time sucks but hopefully that gets fixed.

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Posted By rasko_the_brave

I like the new history professor Brad

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Posted By BrokenPoem

This looks horrible.

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Posted By Pop

the video player is kind of starting to piss me off.

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Posted By clasonjones

was it permadeath?

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Posted By EveretteScott

This generation can't be over quick enough.

Completely irrelevant.

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Posted By white

Drew does have the body to be a Gladiator.

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Posted By MeteorMess

Wait a moment what?3.000 golds in game cost 150 bucks?

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Posted By Dynamitekyle

Great quick look. Having Professor Brad along when someone else is playing is perfect.

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Posted By IronScimitar

man, these QLs are helping me get thru my work day.

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Posted By subyman

I like the idea of leveling up and getting gear in a fighting game, but this looks very poor. A few more months and it may have been okay. The long load times, crappy match making, terrible MP lag, and lame F2P stuff kills it though.

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Posted By corruptsaves

Like all the Brad facts.

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Posted By Turkalurch

The game really isnt that bad if you get past the f2p aspect. I can tell though that that 360 version with the horrible load times and such is pretty inferior to the PS3 version for what it's worth. Which isnt that much. But those load times are pretty horrendous nonetheless.

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"What?... I.. I eat poop. What of it?"

Thanks guys. I nearly spit out my lunch.

If you would to see a game with even more disgusting F2P options, look no further than Marvel Heroes.

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Posted By MrMazz

By Jupiters COCK this game looks bad! The show itself is REALLY good (except for the first 4ish episodes those really suck but gut through it).

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Posted By DJJoeJoe

This generation can't be over quick enough.

Shitty games transcend generations my friend, this game isn't a product of anything particular to this generation of games.

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No Caption Provided

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(No Refunds)

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Posted By DoctorWelch

The skin in this game makes everyone look like they have some kind of horrible disease.

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Posted By The_Joker

This game looks like another Deadliest Warrior game, but I do believe there is actually good Gladiator game to be made. And I'm talking about Shadow of Rome 2.

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Posted By OurSin_360

Roman Concrete was more interesting than this game

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Posted By Rotnac

This game is incredibly broken! For a game that is supposed to be focused on fighting with weapons, I've had the most success (and fun) not equipping any weapons or shields. You can also pull off a wider range of combos, perform dropkicks, and even knee people in the face like Triple H!

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Edited By enemymouse

I love History-Time With Brad.

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Posted By Willin
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Posted By Rolyatkcinmai

Remind them with a foot in their asses.

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Edited By crusader8463

I started watching the TV show when I found out that Xena, Lucy Lawless, was doing full frontal nudity in the show. As someone who grew up watching Xena and the tease that show always had with her being naked but never in frame to see the fun parts I felt like I owed it to teenage me to finally get to see everything. I ended up staying for the story and characters. I love things set in the Rome time period and can't get enough of them as well. So that helped.

Still waiting for someone to make a turn based Gladiator strategy game where you rank up guys in a ludis and fight against other ones.

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Posted By mabans

Anyone else think "Why is the bunny from Donnie Darko being punched in the gut?"

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Posted By blackno99

"You have no mother, you were belched from the cunt of the underworld!"

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Posted By monkeystick

The creator of the series Spartacus is working on a new space marine themed show with a similar level of "hard R" content. Hopefully Starz will pick it up.

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Posted By triviaman09

I'm a big fan of the Roman setting (enough to be at least a little excited about Ryse) but this looks boring.

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Posted By SatelliteOfLove

@djjoejoe said:

@jasonleeson said:

This generation can't be over quick enough.

Shitty games transcend generations my friend, this game isn't a product of anything particular to this generation of games.

yes it is, this vintage pigshit indicative to gen 7 and you know it.

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Posted By pyrrhus19

@brad Each season of Spartacus has had a different subtitle. Spartacus: Blood and Sand was first season. After Andy Whitfield (Spartacus) was diagnosed with cancer Starz produced a prequel mini-series called Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

Andy Whitfield was replaced by Liam McIntyre for the second season, Spartacus: Vengeance as well as the third and final season, Spartacus: War of the Damned.

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Posted By Sweetz

The trend of free to play games is really depressing. So far I haven't played a single worth spending money on. They're all too compromised by the need to break the game up into things that can be monetized. Marvel Heroes being a great example of that.

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