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Would you say the two brothers beer is on of the ten best beers you'll have this year?

Great video Patrick, whilst I was sad to see you leave the main office you've more than made up for it in the hugh amount of content you've been turning out.

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This would have been hilarious, if I wasn't so scared.

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@patrickklepek: once you get the hydra make sure you try out surgeon simulator with the oculus/razer combination. It's amazing.

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Sick burns from Scoops!

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This was a good one.

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Why do people keep asking Patrick about playing SCP: Containment Breach? That game is fucking garbage.

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Christ that was great, horror games don't do much for me (not my sort of thing) but I can see how awesome it would be with the Rift.

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"I dont scare easy", screams every episode.

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@jorren said:

"I dont scare easy", screams every episode.

Haha, just what I was thinking.

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Dreadhalls actually reminded me that I need to do laundry. Thanks Dreadhalls!

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Patrick, you should really edit these videos before you put them on the site.

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I like to think that, at some point, Patrick pissed himself and just kept it a secret.

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Way to be a trooper about this Patrick.

Great showing off the capabilities of this new hardware.

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Thanks Patrick! I was going to ask you if that playing scary games is easier knowing that you're producing this for many people. Does it feel different than it would if you were playing completely by yourself?

I totally agree with you on your haunted house feelings. I had to walk out on my first haunted house experience just last year, and before it even started. It was just a little too much for me--I felt as though I was experiencing a panic attack; it was an overwhelming sense of anxiety such as the kind you may experience while waiting for a roller coaster to being while you're strapped in, but much worse. The chaos of the situation was overbearing and knowing that once I had entered, I would not be able to leave didn't help. @patrickklepek

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It sucks living in Europe for the Spookin' with Scoops, it always air around 4 AM here. :(

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I feel like Ive seen Dreadhalls on GB before. Was it UPF or something?

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@patrickklepek: It's too bad you didn't have the volume up on Alone, there's some good creepy stuff you missed out on.

Those sounds the character describes in the game you play on the screen? Yeah, there's a reason those notes are there.

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I found Patrick's belching extremely Spooky

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Let's play a drinking game.

Take a shot whenever Scoops says " Hey, Buddy" ;P

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I laughed hardest at Patrick's "am i winning?" remark. I don't really go into games with that mentality anymore, unless its something like competitive multiplayer.

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@ninessc2: ASTRO A40. the A50 is black and wireless.

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Glad Patrick did this, cause I sure as hell would never even think of trying.

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This was my first Spookin' With Scoops, and did I pick a damn good one to start with. Holy Hell did that scare me to death. Also..Fuck Spiders

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How did Patrick not see this?

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@draxyle said:

@nightcrawlah said:

The premise of Alone is really terrifying. I feel like they could have done a lot more with it though.

Yea, for sure. They've got a fantastic, unique concept; they just didn't quite stick the landing as well as I would have liked. It's kind of a lame point to end on, not even giving you a proper visual to be afraid of.

What would (maybe) be fantastic is if they gave you a reason to get up and search around the house at specific intervals and find things that correlated to what your character was just playing. Forcing your character to be glued to the couch probably limits the game's ability to scare I would imagine.

I hope this isn't the end of that project, because they've got a great start on their hands.

Agreed. It was easily the creepiest game he played, but never became actually scary because it never delivered. I thought at the end you had to get up from the couch and go to bed or something... maybe brush your teeth and see something in the mirror? So much potential.

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Thaaaaaaaat's Dreadhalls.

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This was great.

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Patrick was eaten by a witch.

The end (that's dreadhalls).

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How awesome would a game like Antichamber be on the Oculus Rift?

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@ocdfox: Drink more, if you only start at 24 I can see why you don't like it. Some people have to build to it, start with something light or clear like a mexican beer

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@ravelle said:

It sucks living in Europe for the Spookin' with Scoops, it always air around 4 AM here. :(

Yeah, 5 AM here, almost so I could catch it when I get up for work, but it's usually just about to end then.

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Had me jumping. Can't even imagine how it was for you Patrick.

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@xeirus said:

@mechanized said:

@ocdfox: When you are young and you first taste beer your tastebuds aren't fully developed, so beer doesn't taste as strong, and may even taste sweet. If you wait until later in life to start drinking, past 20 or around there, it can be very bitter or foul tasting because you haven't developed a gradual unknowing tolerance to the taste.

I'm 27 and I think beer tastes like shit.

Yep, I'm gonna be 24 this month and I still think beer is gross. Friends will always pass me some beer over with the promise, "No, no, seriously, you'll actually like this one," and I'll try it to be polite, and they'll ask how it was and the answer is always just, "Eh, I don't know. Still just tastes like beer to me."

I always just stick to stuff like rum and coke, jager and Red Bull, Absinthe if I'm with friends and feeling like blacking out and doing something dumb tonight is a good idea (seems like a good idea way more often than it should), weird mixed drinks, etc. If I'm gonna drink, I'm not going to waste my time on beer. Too many empty calories and not enough alcohol.

My advice for @ocdfox is to try hard cider. Woodchuck, Angry Orchard, that sort of thing. Way better tasting than beer and usually about the same alcohol content. Don't drink beer just because everyone else is.

EDIT: I was too lazy to go back and read ocdfox's original post where he explicitly calls out drinking hard cider. Well, ocdfox, you already know the secret to light, casual drinking then. Sometimes people will make fun of you for drinking cider instead of beer, but just remind yourself (or preferably, them) how stupid it is to ridicule someone for something as dumb as that. If you're actively trying to get drunk, experiment and make some mixed drinks with hard liquor. Don't get suckered into drinking stuff that tastes bad or makes you feel sick.

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psyched to finally sit down and watch this! i want one!!! (and I haven't even gotten to the gaming part)

edit: ok - not even 1/2 way through - this is fantastic interesting shit

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pure masochism brah, you did it!

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Slenderman... IN SPAAAAACE!!!!!!!

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Dunno if this has been asked before Patrick, but what GPU and CPU are you running?

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Dunno if this has been asked before Patrick, but what GPU and CPU are you running?

If memory serves he's on a 7850 and an old lynnfield i7 860

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It looks like the Oculus Rift + Horror Games = Alchoholism

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Loudest. Alien. Ever.

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These features are getting better. Fun stuff.

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"oh god it's god" that was amazing

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A great watch !

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Anyone else picturing this when @patrickklepek keeps saying 'nope' after playing Breach?

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I just tried Dread Halls with my Oculus, and yeah, I couldn't imagine the chills it would send up my spine when I saw that ghost lady, the sense of being there just can't be matched in any horror game you'd play normally.

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Alone would've been so much scarier if it just had you playing like a dungeon crawler with a creepy-ish atmosphere or something then having your typical scary house noises (Random loud thumps and slams and creaking noises and such) that startle you during horror movies and slowly ramping that up with paranormal stuff rather than just being so blatant about HEY YOU'RE PLAYING A SCARY GAME HERE ARE CREEPY NOTES. Maybe that's just me though.

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1:25:46 is so full of awesome! I would have paid money to see Patrick's brother scare the shit out of him right in that situation, lot's of money :D

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such spook, wow