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Posted By jonny_mung

Kind of looks like Far Cry 3 in third-person. Maybe it's the map and crafting screens.

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Edited By J4S0N

@haggis said:

First things first: this looks to be a fun game, and I'll play it.

But ... why so much combat? Why can't combat be incidental? Why can't the gameplay revolve around survival against natural obstacles, and keep the combat primarily to wildlife? Why must Lara kill dozens and dozens of people? Other games do that fine. It's a complete screw up with the tone. She's supposed to be struggling for survival, but she's slaughtering people left and right. It just doesn't compute. If you're going to have death and killing be thematically relevant, it can't be happening all the time. If they'd kept it to just a few moments where she had to choose to kill other people, then it would have more impact.

Tomb Raider is best when it's about explorations and puzzles and surviving against the elements. Not when it's all about killing some rogue army.

My thoughts exactly! I thought that Lara was supposed to be fairly inexperienced in this game. How the hell is she slaughtering so many enemies alone?

I was very interested in this new Tomb Raider early-on, and I even have it pre-ordered through Steam. But I'm growing concerned as I see more and more combat videos. If this was the first trailer I saw of the game, I would have zero interest in it.

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Posted By drumpsycho89

I dont know about you guys, but I seriously! want this fucking game!!!!!

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