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Clearly just archived for that amazing first minutes

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Posted By SinGulaR

That was a great show.
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I am so glad that they archived this! Please keep doing this!

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@This_Dude said:

" man,  what is going on with the videos on the site,  they're experiencing some serious jank.   I want to watch this, but the constant artifacting is too annoying. "

Alot of that is the fact that it was live streamed.  
Edit: I take it all back, since they recorded it directly from their own cameras... and its perfect for me. 
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This was totally a case of, "You had to be there."

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Awesome i missed most of it yesterday.  They should really archive all tnts from here on out.

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 Big kudos to the Tested.com guys, Will and Norm, they own any video they're on.  

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Freaking amazing show I watched it live and will watch it again and again!

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@punisherkaos: pssst. Justin.tv do actually do that.
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Verlin William Smith. WOW! ...the Third, perhaps, or something? ...anything?

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@MartinG: psssst. Very badly though.
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The tnt was fun last night, 
however as a master league sc2 player its kinda painful to watch brad and norm play, 2000 minerals / gas, norman saying hydralisk isnt good against gateways unit, which they totally are. they rape gateway units. 
and will constantly calling mutalisk for hydralisk, 
but it was fun

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They call him. The Shoebreaker.

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@Mikemcn said:
" @This_Dude said:
" man,  what is going on with the videos on the site,  they're experiencing some serious jank.   I want to watch this, but the constant artifacting is too annoying. "
Alot of that is the fact that it was live streamed.  "
We recorded it on-site, so the video quality should be the same as any other Giant Bomb video. If you guys are getting any extreme video weirdness like artifacting, PM me with your operating system, browser version, what video quality you selected, and if you picked streaming or progressive. Thanks!
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@Skrams: Yeah, but the person I answered didn't seem to know that they do that.
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They need to archive more TNTs.  I can't watch them live since I have a night class this semester and I don't like watching them over on justin.tv.

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Vinny was great; more TNT Vinny sexiness!

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@Henrikhoe: Always has to be that one guy, doesn't there? I believe the adage goes; Opinions are like assholes...
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thank god these are finally going up on the site... considering you cant lower the quality on jtv for giantbomb streams (would anyone like to tell me why this is?) the live streaming has become unwatchable..

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@drewbert: Are you guys going to be archiving all future TNTs too? I hope so,because I can't stand watching it on the justin.tv archive.
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YES! Thank you for archiving this.

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rock me mama like a wagon wheel

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Thank you for uploading this. Please keep uploading all live shows on the site. I keep missing them and I'm too lazy to go to Justin.tv to watch them there. :3

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yay! you guys recorded TNT please keep doing this <3
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Brad on Brad violence is pretty messed up

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Archived TNT!? Much easier to watch.

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Nice work.  The quality seems better (and the file size half) that on the JTV archive so I assume you are recording this locally?  New gear?  Anyway, good stuff.

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@Terrents said:
"yay! you guys recorded TNT please keep doing this <3 "

All TNTs are auto-archived on Justin.tv.
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@RVonE said:
" @Terrents said:
"yay! you guys recorded TNT please keep doing this <3 "
All TNTs are auto-archived on Justin.tv. "
I want to download them in HD, not watch it streaming on justintv
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Yes! Justin.tv sucks, I hope you guys keep doing this.    

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Damn, I've got no time right now. Will have to watch this tomorrow.

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@ez123 said:
" Yes! Justin.tv sucks, I hope you guys keep doing this.     "
this guy knows what he is talking about, fuck justin.tv!
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Kind gents at giant bomb: please make a habit out of archiving the TNTs.  
Justin.tv continually plays the shows back really choppy and in poor quality, even when watching them live. 
I love the player on the site, especially the HD-ness of it all, so here's hoping this becomes a standard for TNTs in the future

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They're all archived on Justin.tv, but they never have correct tags and are very confusing.  I know this probably takes a while but it's worth it for the fans who can't make it every Thursday night.

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That opening is the greatest fucking video I've ever seen. 

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Please keep uploading these to the site in the future, I love TNT but it's such a pain to try and watch them on JTV if you miss it live, lots of instances of missing audio etc.

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The ability to download the hype video in HD is totally worth the subscription cost.

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Love Norm's unblinking glare at 1:03:50.

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That intro is life-changing. 

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This intro is epic! I love it.

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i'm working most Thursday evenings so im glad you guys are finally archiving these

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very snobby indeed vinny. very snobby indeeeeed.

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Y'know. I've normally been one of Will Smith's biggest detractors on this site but i found him extremely entertaining throughout this TnT.

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Great stuff, I can't stream a thing on the previous host, so this is very welcome.
Very good watch as well. I haven't ever played SC2, but I was entertained throughout.

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Shame that Wills on it

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Two hours, you say? Delicious!

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Thank you for finally archiving this.