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Oh thank Xenu for archiving.

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Hey, just seen there archiving these. Awesome! No more relying on Justin.tv for the archiving.

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Archiving on the site? Very, very nice.

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Got done watching it this morning on Justintv. I really, REALLY, hope they archive TNT on the site from now on. Many a times I have cursed Justintv for their shit slow video load. 

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@effache said:
" I already watched this on justin.tv last night :/ "
Ok, cool.
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I never have an issue watching anything live on Justin.tv, but it's usually a hassle trying to watch anything that's been archived.
Please keep on uploading a version to the site. Not only would I be able to watch archives here instead of Justin.tv, the quality would be way superior.

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The first 2 minutes of that was literally a work of art.
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Wait, I can now download TNT? You guys are AWESOME!

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....... Vinny is my hero

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so glad to get to see this. I missed it yesterday, and because of my browser I'm excluded from chat anyways. 
GET IT ON, GUYS! Bejewled Starcraft,  the very hawtest!
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I love seeing that they are starting to put the tnt's up, screened did too and I hope this lasts.

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"Brad on Brad violence!"
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I hope this continues.

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Attention top men:  Please continue to archive the TNT videos.  You guys rule.  

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Now thats a promo! That was incredible

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LMAO SHOEBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Tesla said:
" Attention top men:  Please continue to archive the TNT videos.  You guys rule.   "
I agree, they're much better in HD than whatever justintv is.
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So awesome!

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Thanks for putting these on the site. I've missed some in the past for certain games and it's hard to find the archive on justin.tv. Here I know I can just go to the page of that game and it should be there in the video section.

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Posted By BirthWild

man, I like host vinny, but I also enjoy "i'm getting bored so allow me to throw effects in the video" vinny.

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Thanks for uploading this!

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Just wanted to say "Thank you!" to the Giant Bomb crew for archiving TNT here. Looking forward to watching futurue TNTs.

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This intro is the product of a bored unsupervised Vinny.... 
However, it was good (surprised with the lack of fire)

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man they need to do this for ssf4!
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Thanks for uploading this on the site, otherwise I would never have watched the intro.  I actually watched the first 20 min live and must have just missed the intro or it wasn't broadcast live.

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Yay, I don't have to come to Justin.tv for the archive video now! Thanks guys. :D

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They need to do another one of these with Husky on as special guest over the phone or something doing commentary.  Giantbomb + H to the usky Husky let's go!  :D

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As much as I love Ryan and Jeff, you guys destroyed in terms of entertainment. Same with the happy hour. Best 2 shows in a while!

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Fuck Yes! Please keep uploading TNT to Giantbomb!

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how many times did brad do the nose wiggle thing, like a chimpunk?
i have to know.

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@Dany said:
" how many times did brad do the nose wiggle thing, like a chimpunk?  i have to know. "
I think it's clear from this and past on-camera appearances that Brad is, in fact, some type of woodlands creature. 
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Posted By ItalianStallion
@Fallen189: And this is a problem why?
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Thanks for putting these up on the site, I've been unable to watch the last few TNTs on justin with my crappy old computer.

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hahaha good 1 guys.  lot of funny fun stuff from all around.  including chat, caught bits of it
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Gonna have to echo the sentiments of my fellow bomber brethren...thank you for archiving here on the site!  Hell of a TNT gents!!!!!  100% pure gold from start to finish.

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What?! TNT is an actual live stream with the guys? I've been on this site since day one and I had no idea, I just thought they played games online against people. Why didn't anyone tell me? :(

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I hope this stays a trend.  That way I can download the video if I want.

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Yay! So happy they are finally being archived. I've had issues using JustinTV.  
Thank you Whiskey.  
WWE/TNA eat your heart out. 

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Oh wow. This is too great. Work always conflicts with TNT usually, but this is perfect.

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Thank you so, so much for archiving these on the site. Justin.TV's site is crap.

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I loved how no one, not even Brad and Norm, understood how the multiplayer lobby works. They kept joining custom games with random people instead of people from the giantbomb chat.

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Gotta hand it to Norm he did win over Brad, again.

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That intro is literally the funniest thing ever

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this artifacting video thing is killing me. it seems to be a very new issue

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Awesome, thank you so much for archiving!!!

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Archive all from TNT  now on!

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I'm super thrilled they're starting to archive them here. I hope they continue to do this for each TNT now. (Though, I think it's kind of a bummer that the first archived TNT posted on GB has to be Starcraft but that's just my biased cranky-pants speaking.)