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Posted By Scooper

I almost wanted to not like this game but it does look better everytime I read more about it.

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LMAO @ brad trying to call attention to the interview "yeah good stuff, Cough Cough"

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Posted By SolidEyeSystem


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Posted By TripMasterMunky

Weird interview.

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Posted By giyanks22

Brad does the best Karate Chops lol...Whenever he talks its always Karate Chops, but we love it..
The game looks okay...

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Posted By artofwar420

Tim Schafer is my hero.

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Posted By Akolite

Can't wait for this game, next thing Jack Black will be in your cereal...

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Posted By cinemandrew

Don't worry Tim, I write the same way. Can't wait for this goddamned game!

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Posted By TheMustacheHero

He looks and acts a lot like Jack Black...

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Posted By JJOR64


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Posted By REDRUN
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Posted By Aska

Tim Schafer is credit to team.

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Posted By Doubt

I Heart Brad

game looks kewl beans
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Posted By FlappyHands

Tim Schafer is a weird guy, but totally awesome. Great interview.

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Posted By Subject2Change

Can't wait.

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Posted By HatKing

Okay Mr.Schafer you've sold me.  The last good funny game I can remember was probably Conker BFD back on the N64.  I am really looking forward to this.

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Posted By Kraznor

Really looking forward to this. I can't look at Brad the same way anymore though, he has yet to play through a Tim Schafer game. For shame!

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Edited By Nick
I almost wanted to not like this game but it does look better everytime I read more about it.

@Scooper - Yes I was thinking the exact same thing haha
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Posted By RHCPfan24

I <3 Tim Schafer. This should be a great game and I love this interview. Watching Tim talk is always a great experience, and seeing Brad is ALWAYS a kick.

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Posted By Carlos1408

Dude I can't wait for this GAAME!!!! ROCK OOON!!!

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Edited By LeadNinja

The real enemy is mediocre, corporate rock?  Does that mean the final level is a battle against Busted?  I've always wanted to kill them...

In a video game, of course.

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Posted By Unholyburger

this should be awesome

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Posted By mooseburger

Why does the guy that's never PLAYED a Tim Shafer  game get to interview him?  Brad really needs to go back and play those games.  There is a reason Tim Shafer is my favorite game designer!

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Posted By joseppie

Why are the screens in the background reversed? Yup, I pay attention to important things.

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Posted By Swinghi

Somewhat excited.  But optimistic. 

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Posted By Media_Master

Nice good great!

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Posted By MetalGearSunny

I want this game!!!!

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Posted By Sabata

I like how someone tried to sing the Bombcast theme at the beginning.

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Posted By JazzyJeff

Tim Schafer is an evil genius.

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Posted By Pibo47


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Posted By Kohe321

This looks awesome, Tim Schafer is a hero!

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Edited By Death_Burnout

Well thank God that Busted are no longer then LeadNinja, and that Charlie Simpson is in a fucking amazing band, Fightstar.

Glad there is some emphasis on exlporation, fucking love the stuff!

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Posted By Mus

Tim Schafer is cool guy and I like what he does. But I swear he scares me little with his stare.

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Edited By ChrisTaran

I <3 Tim Shafer!
Can't wait for the game to finally come out!

/me goes to play some Psychonauts....then P4.

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Posted By Cyberscar

This game is slowly pulling my toward it. It just looking better and better every time i see it!!!!

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Posted By samcotts

One of about only four games I'm looking forward to this year, two of which are sports games. Slow year compared to 07 and 08.

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Posted By Jost1

EVERYONE better buy this game.

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Posted By MeatSim

Fall 08!? man I could have been playing this game months ago.

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Posted By Aeterna

Kind of a weird interview, but enjoyable. :)

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Posted By MachoFantastico

Tim Schafer is brilliant! I love his work!

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Posted By Tarakun

PC version? Please?

Also Brad seems so nervous without his beard.

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Posted By DannyJ

Schaffer's a Motorhead fan! Wooo!

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Posted By KnifeySpoony

Excited to see how it is.

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Posted By Relys

I can't wait for it to come out.

This reminds me, I need to finish the last few levels of psychonauts.

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Posted By theMcNasty

Wow, I wanted to hate this game, but after seeing gameplay footage, I'm stoked!

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Posted By EndrzGame

I've had this game on my radar since it was announced and through all the publishing snafus I'm really glad that it's coming out this year. I've been a fan a Tim Schafer since Grim Fandango. I sooo can't wait for this game.

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Posted By RagingLion

I would also be down for PC version.  Cater to your roots Shafer!  Very nice interview.  Was excited to see what Tim Schafer would be like in person.

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Posted By pawsoffury

I loved Psychonauts and of course Schafer's work in the 90's, but I'm worried that Brutal Legend will just fall into a miry repetition of rock related cliche and innuendo's. I'm imagining it to be in the vein of a bad Tenacious D related video game that should have been released about six years ago, (I.E: before Jack Black became tedious).

Of course, this is regardless of the fact that I and everyone else should buy this anyway just so that Double Fine can stay open.

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Posted By chilipeppersman

cool. too bad this isnt coming out on PC

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Posted By SuperZamrod

brad is effing great

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