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"What is she's a spy?"

"What if I'm a spy? Or you?"

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ex deeee

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you should play this again vinny! the text to speech is working again.

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perfect example of the genius that is Vinny "'notha level" Caravella

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Man, I don't know quite why, but there's something deeply unsettling about these kinds of chat games. Despite how amazing Vinny is in this I just can't watch this. I've tried several times and have to stop after about 10 minutes every time.

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Wtf duder, lies are like pudding in the sun, sticky and tough to eat... I was dying!

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This was really fun, thanks Vinny!

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I don't even know what I'm watching but Vinny is the greatest.

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You are a beautiful soul @vinny. It's something we've always known, but sometimes that fact just comes right to the front.

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I have no idea what's going on in this game ahhhhhh

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I lose my shit at 'FUCK THAT'S COLD!'

Holy shit, this game looks incredible.

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Premium Frame Rate

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@amyggen said:

This is true, like a hamster

in his cage

Despite all my rage, I am still just a hamster in a cage.

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This is absolutely stupendous. God Bless Vinny Caravella.

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vinny <3

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Does this game support rooms with your friends? Because I'm sure many of us would to see a the Giant Bomb crew roleplaying on the Velvet Sundown.

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This is true, like a hamster

in his cage

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this is the greatest thing I have ever seen

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This is my favorite thing on the Internet this week

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I went a full hour into watching this, not realizing that they were other human players. Thinking they were Computer AI made it way funnier.

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This is a really strange thing.

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@merxworx01 said:

@bonorbitz: Felt the same as you... The first time I saw it. So far across several MMOs and in real world settings I've encounter the name as a screen names and character names. Why ? because Rowsdower.

Hey. If I want to chug a beer and then wash it down with a can of gravy while wearing my denim jacket and nothing else at 6:30am, I can. Why? Because Rowsdower.

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Well this was incredible. The broken English chatting was a weird kind of great.

If only Vinny could somehow play every character in this game at the same time.

I'm not sure the universe could hold itself together with that much Vinny role-playing, but yes.

@landhawk said:

If this website was literally nothing but Vinny playing games nobody's heard of, I would still pay for a subscription.

...yeah I probably would too.

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Already better than Second Life and there wasn't even Cyber Aids.

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Vinny is GB.

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I like doing that *thumbs up

Vinny got real quiet when talking about wearing a thong as a sanding mask, something you want to tell us?

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This looks like feces from a bovine. I love it.

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@bonorbitz: Felt the same as you... The first time I saw it. So far across several MMOs and in real world settings I've encounter the name as a screen names and character names. Why ? because Rowsdower.

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Vinny is a role-play master.

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I'll just assume this game is a very realistic recreation of what it's like the be in the Scientology Sea Org.

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This is so weird. It's the best when people play along with Vinny.

I hope we don't end up with Vinny playing Second Life.

I also love how everyone is doing their best Francis York Morgan hands while talking.

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chika chika boom sha

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My first time through this, I somehow bullshited everyone into giving me both companies data, the $100,000, a lacy red thong, countless free drinks, and I smoked the [REDACTED].

If I'm that good at bullshiting, I suppose I should run for public office...

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It's like a bizarro Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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I love how Vinny kept in character and had fun with it.

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This is literally the best thing I have ever watched.

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Giant Bomb East does it again! Vinny, please keep it up with the premium content! It's great! Weird games are so fun.

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Dolla fuck yall

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no idea what's happening, but this is worth my premium membership right here

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For some reason, watching this game makes me super uncomfortable

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who are the patriots vinny?

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lmfao.. this is so genius lol! @vinny your brain is magnificent.

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Bullshitting Simulator 2014.


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I could watch Vinny do this all day

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So I played this a bit, and when it works it is pretty fun. You basically need the right people who are going to try and complete the objectives and role play, but do it in a funny way. People who take the game part too seriously ruin it, as to trolls, and AFKers. Vinny is like the perfect person to play this with it seems!

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Awesome job Vinny keep it up. Love everything you guys are doing.

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@thepantheon said:

@hubrisranger: Is that why Vinny was constantly finishing half a sentence and starting a new one? Hmm..

Yes, and it actually got worse on the game itself. In this video, all the phrases eventually pop up, they just take a while and then woul doverlap. When I was playing before they turned Text-to-Speech off, things I was saying were just disappearing. they disabled it so people could talk more clearly, but it did lose something. Hopefully their servers and services can keep up with the new load coming up on Steam brought them...and this video, I'm sure.

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@hubrisranger: Is that why Vinny was constantly finishing half a sentence and starting a new one? Hmm..