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THAT was magic.

Thank you so much guys.

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Why is it every time I laugh I start crying? :(

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" All that shit jawll"

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Gonna miss that Narc

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Goodbye Ryan. I will never forget you.

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I love you Ryan :')

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Aww Thanks guys

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This is going to be rough to watch.

Edit: I'm really going to miss the duo of Ryan and Vinny. Just a perfect balance.

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So glad to see a return of the "video thing", kinda fits this unique Ryan content.

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I am honoured that we got as much of Ryan as we did. Great video.

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I love you guys

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So much RAW Ryan. So much unused footage its crazy Vinny keeps this stuff.

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T_T Thank you Drew.

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We'll never miss you Ryan. Keep on laughing.

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@akyho said:

So much RAW Ryan. So much unused footage its crazy Vinny keeps this stuff.

Drew did.

RIP Taswell.

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This is excellent.

Thanks Giant Bomb.

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Some people worry when people pass that they'll eventually forget what the person sounds like, looks like, acts like, etc., but Ryan Davis is so fucking unforgettable. Ryan Davis LIVES!

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Thanks Drew and Vinny. This is going to be fantastic. <3 Ryan =)

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Oh my god that eye flutter thing at 01:20

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Thanks drew. This was special. <3 RIP RTD

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Loved Ryan cracking up at "wi-fireless." Also, his Jay Leno was pretty great!

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Thanks Drew and Vinny.

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Absolutely beautiful.

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It's good to know they will re-animate Ryan, digitize him, put all his voice samples into a sound bed and act like he's still here with us.

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I can't wait to dive into this, thanks guys!

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The Vinny/Ryan nonsense are gold

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Thanks for making this guys.

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Amazing stuff, thanks for this guys! <3

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I snickered like a fucking idiot for a good few minutes at that whole bit.

@freakin9 said:

It's good to know they will re-animate Ryan, digitize him, put all his voice samples into a sound bed and act like he's still here with us.

We have the technology.

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This is really beautiful.

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Thank you for this.

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Look at that huge grin. Going to miss you Ryan.

Take care and stay strong you guys.

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Man so much never-before-seen Ryan!

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the diarrhea bit made me laugh until my stomach hurt

poop jokes are always funny to idiots

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Free style Ryan is the BEST!!!!

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So good, thanks guys!

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Thanks for posting this guys, really appreciate it.

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OH MY GOD, Thank you for this, haven't laughed this hard in awhile

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I needed this. Warrrrmmm fuzzies!

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Thank you so much for putting this up Drew and Vinny.

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Vinny, put your pants back on!

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lol, this is great !

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Thanks for this, really nice to see the video thing intro along with all this unused material. Entertaining, though at the same time reminds me that i'm really going to miss him.

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Oooohh man... Such a mixture of sad and happy it's so fucked. Thank you whoever (Drew?) put this together.

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Wow, you put this together at a time like this.

Didn't know you bothered keeping B-roll.



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This is the best way to remember Tiko.

Thanks for this.

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Awesome video! Thanks for sharing!

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Ryan "Fleshy Sliver" Davis

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Love seeing you guys have a such a good time. Thanks for this.