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Where's the inhale?!

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Man, when Jeff and Ryan start doing that dry sarcastic back and forth joking. Just can't stop the giggles. Love it.

The only unboxing videos I care about!

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There's no HDCP protection in this but:::::::::::::::

1) HDCP can be circumvented for $20 in a best case scenario, depending on the receiving capture device or non-HDCP monitor. Expect $40 + a solution for audio capturing in most cases.

2) If I wasn't spending way too much money gearing up for for charity work in July as an audio engineer I would send my spare Monoprice DVI&Audio to HDMI adapter to Giantbomb. It's $40 new.

3) Because of forum threads around the world worrying about the Xbox One and PS4 and what they have to do about capturing video from those, even people in gaming media worry and don't know, I created a simple video explaining these things and I hope to get that knowledge spread in any possible way, text summaries or remakes into more informative better made videos. Spread the word.

Sent vinny a tweet about that Monoprice unit long ago, if anybody reading this is closer to the staff, let them see that youtube video or just send them my way with questions.

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@mrcraggle said:

Why would anyone buy this? It's way overpriced and it doesn't come with any games like the current S does for the same price. Furthermore, in just a few months the PS4 will be out which is only $100 more.

Wow, when you put it that way, this is absolutely insane. Maybe not for them, but for anyone actually willing to pay for this.

Definitely. The six year old components for the 360 can't possibly cost enough to be that close in price to a brand new console of considerable power for today. And then you have the live subscriptions that really should be used to subsidize the 360 to a fraction of the price.

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Xbox 36E. Three-Six-Eee

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Dat Yeezus on the desk.

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@thornie: Eh, it's a quick video they're doing with their phones. It wasn't THAT bad. Still, they could probably use a better app that the default iPhone one to stabilize the image.

Anyway, that console seems really stupid. To do another revision this late, AND not drop the price seems crazy. Plus I really like the design of my all matte black S system. Fuck all this shiny plastic.

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@nekuctr said:

This is without a doubt the most superfluous console redesign ever. No price drop, no functionality changes, no architecture changes. Just. Why?

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@blair said:

Xbox 36E. Three-Six-Eee


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Would have been nice if this was filmed with a slightly nicer camera. I know this redesign aint no big thing, but it was a little hard to see as clearly as I would have liked.

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Microsoft could have made this a whole lot cooler if it came with a price drop or something.

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The power connector reminds me of the genesis AV pin connector.

Either way, its really late in the game for yet another version of the 360 especially when they really didn't push to reduce the footprint. The S is good enough.

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Where's the inhale?!

After 7 years the honeymoon's over. Can finally let the gut show.

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Surely there's some really pathetic irony in the fact that the system that "ushered in the HD era for consoles" (probably not a direct quote from anything but I'm sure they've pulled something like it out before) is shipping a new variant with absolutely no HD support in-box nearly 8 years on. For $300.

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This has to be the laziest console redesign I've ever seen in all my years of following video games.

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@benmo316: because it is still selling better than PS3/WiiU. Once sales start to lag, they will drop the price.

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After I pick up my one and there is a price drop on the E console ill pick one up.

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I swear there was a blue background when I did the internet setup thing on my old 360, I guess Microsoft are saving on colour too.

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Looks like the same type of power plug that my laptop uses. Wish I could trade in one of my phats for a E.

Oh well, going to keep on rocking my phat that I been using for three years.

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Is that mannequin Drew's stand-in while the CIA sends him on secret North Korea missions?

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The lack of component cables makes sense. If you have HDMI and composite, why would you bother?

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What's wrong with capacitive buttons?

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So...What, the E stands for "Expensive"?

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@benmo316 said:

The 360 has the same opportunity to become this generation's PS2. If MS would drop the price to $99 (with a hard drive) then it will fly off the shelves. It's probably inevitable but why not do it now?

It cant. PS3 is still selling well, and coincidentally...they also have an even slimmer PS3.

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@evanbower: Thanks for doing this work for me, I was putting together the same list.

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What's up with the mannequin with the helmet in the background?

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I can't see them re-making the component cables for this thing, which means, if my 360 breaks-down, because i'm a component user, i'm screwed? Thanks Microsoft.

Hate to complain but, those people complaining about camera stability are right, it's hard to watch these things without getting nauseous and I don't suffer from motion-sickness usually.

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E?! so fuck Vince, Drama, Turtle, and Ari?!!

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@fisk0 said:

@hassun said:

I prefer the S.

But at least it's not as bad as that most recent PS3 redesign.

I really liked the most recent PS3 slim, I kinda regretted having already purchased the previous slim when I saw that one. No risk of the drive suddenly swallowing one of your discs when it's a manual top loader, also, it looked like a Sony Pressman Cassette-Corder, which is pretty awesome in itself.

Yeah, I've got one of the new super slims and I wasn't originally so hot on the corrugated ridge look on the top of the housing, but I really like mine. Having had a launch PS3 that limped along for about a year, suffering quite a few YLODs that I was able to repair for not overly long stretches of time, having to physically take the machine and the bluray drive apart just to get the disc out wasn't cool. So I really appreciate the manual loader from that perspective :P

Only complaints I would really level at it are the USB ports being hidden under the overhang of the top of the console, making them a little awkward to get at. That and the lack of a PS logo that can turn 90 degrees so it can be correctly oriented depending on if it is standing or not :P

Anyway, I'm kind of shocked that this thing is $300USD. I could buy a 360 S right now in a bundle with a 250gb console, controller, Kinect, Darksiders 2, Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, download codes for Arkham City and Dance Central 2 and a HDMI cable for $289 in Australia. Something seems wrong with all this.

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Chree hondre dallers!?

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Xbox E-type. Same as standard model but comes with slightly different floor mats and seat upholstery. :/

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If the E were for ecstasy does that mean this 360 includes free boners?

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Is this the most pointless hardware revision ever?

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@nekuctr said:

This is without a doubt the most superfluous console redesign ever. No price drop, no functionality changes, no architecture changes. Just. Why?

Architecture and functionality changes on a console redesign?

These late-life redesigns are ALWAYS superfluous, if you already own the console. It's generally just the same shit, in a slightly smaller box. Woop-de-doo. Same goes for the PS3 redesign too.

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Hahahahaha, it's $299, hooooly shit.

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Well, it looks pretty nice.

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@face15 said:

What's wrong with capacitive buttons?

If there are small children around they will eject the disc or power off the console while you are playing a game.

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Xbox 360 E: Now with more shiny black cover.

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@brihar78: Yeah, but to be clear the active term in what I said was in-box. Nothing you pull out of that box will allow you to connect your 360 in HD. Also, I think PS3s are probably still doing the same and yes, it's just as dumb/shitty there. It's just stupid any way you look at it.

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Lol. I forgot about this. Where was any of the follow up news on the announcement?

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Did GB had this for the super slim PS3? BIAS! ;)

EDIT: They did. Nevermind.

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@crimsonjester: Agreed Jester. I wonder is that why Vinny and Patrick did not participate?

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This looks like an Xbox. I'm sure it'll be great for all those weird ancient people who don't have solid Internet connections, right? Stupid people, just play the Xbox 360! Don Mattrick says so.

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It is utterly ridiculous that the third major revision of hardware, less than six months from the new generation of hardware, is still being sold at $300 in any capacity. It's like Microsoft took any of the good rumors that had been building around E3 (subsidized console models, a $99 360, a backwards compatibility attachment) and made sure to go out of their way to make sure none of that stuff happened. As someone who loathes Microsoft at the moment, I would absolutely buy a $99 Xbox 360 with a hard drive. But they can't even do that.

Edit: After getting a closer look at those cables, this seems like a weird redesign all around. Who is this for?

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It look's like a hybrid between the Xbox 360 Slim and the Xbox One and it's not smaller. There's actually no point to buy Xbox 360 E, because some of the features that is available on the first slim, is gone in this version. The optical cable input is gone. It means that anybody who has astro gaming headset, can't use the gaming headset anymore. So no more high definition sound. It looks the same, the price is the same, one of my favorites features is gone (R.I.P. 5.1 surround sound), and technically is the same sh*t.

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@jensonb said:

So...What, the E stands for "Expensive"?

Thank you good sir.

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Fuck that

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Dat Xbox

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This isn't expensive. It's the same price as the latest revision of the PS3.

When that drops in price this will too. I don't know why anyone would expect MS to price this lower than the rival when the current 360 still outsells the similar priced rival.