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    Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 01, 2021

    The third major revision of the fighting game Virtua Fighter 5 brings a multiplayer "eSports" focus to the series. It also features a new soundtrack and overhauled graphics (making use of a new engine from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio).

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    Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown (known in Japan as Virtua Fighter eSports) is a 3D fighting game developed by Sega-AM2 (along with Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio) and published by Sega for the PlayStation 4 on June 1, 2021, followed by a Japanese arcade release on June 2, 2021 (via the ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Version 3 digital service for their PC-based ALLS UX hardware).

    The third major revision of the 2006 fighting game Virtua Fighter 5, Ultimate Showdown runs on newer PC hardware and features significantly updated visuals (powered by RGG's Dragon Engine), updated multiplayer features, a new soundtrack, altered stage themes, and a revamped user interface. No significant gameplay changes are made.

    Gearing towards a more "eSports" focus (corresponding with Sega's other "eSports" games, such as Puyo Puyo eSports), the arcade version features online multiplayer (both ranked and unranked "Password" matches) in addition to traditional offline (Arcade and Practice) and in-store matches. Players are given a limited amount of "Battle Lives" per credit (two, with some stores allowing one additional Battle Life for Aime users in their first credit of the day), which ends the credit when depleted (by either losing matches or winning consecutive matches).

    Much of the features of previous revisions, such as Knockout Trial, Score Attack, cosmetic loot system, limited-time events, and the "disciple" system have been removed, and the game now makes use of Sega's dedicated "Aime" IC card system (while allowing players to mail older "VF5FS" IC cards for transfer) and online "VF esports.NET" service (with no VF Terminal station).

    Along with standard ranked matches, the PS4 version of the game features multiple types of causal lobby matches (or "Room Match"), including rotating play, tournament play (both single-elimination and double-elimination), team elimination play, and league play. It also features limited-time official tournaments, standard offline modes (Arcade, Versus, and Training), and character customization (which can only be unlocked via DLC). It also includes bonus DLC content, including content from previous games in the franchise and collaborative costumes and music from the Yakuza and Tekken series.


    All 20 characters from Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown return.


    Most stages from Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown return with new visuals (including time-of-day and weather changes) and new background music. The only stage that is drastically different is Dural's stage, which is changed from the ruins of Sanctuary to the sci-fi facility Genesis).

    In addition, the PS4 version of the game adds a special offline stage in the DLC "Legendary Pack" (Retro, which resembles the first stage from the original Virtua Fighter).

    Open (16x16)

    These stages have large-sized squared arenas and no fencing, allowing players to easily ring-out opponents by attacking them (or by having them step out of the arena accidentally).

    • River (Shun Di)
    • Sumo Ring (Taka-Arashi)
    • Retro (DLC, PS4 version only)

    Half Fence (12x12)

    These stages have average-sized squared arenas and have fencing reaching up to each combatant's hip. Players can knock opponents out of the arena by juggling them.

    • Statues (Akira Yuki)
    • Terrace (Brad Burns)

    Full Fence (10x10)

    These stages have small-sized squared arenas and impenetrable full-size walls, preventing players from knocking opponents out of the arena and allowing special wall-based techniques.

    • City (Jacky Bryant)
    • Ruins (Eileen)

    Full & Open (16x16)

    These stages switch between Open (16x16) and Full Fence (10x10) at the beginning of each round.

    • Training Room (Jean Kujo)
    • Snow Mountain (Wolf Hawkfield)

    Single Wall (16x16)

    For these stages, three sides of the arena are Open while one side is Full Fence. The fight line starts with the Full Fence side in the background.

    • Genesis (Dural)
    • Great Wall (Lau Chan)

    Rectangle (6x16)

    For these stages, the two longer sides of the arena (which are perpendicular to the initial fight line) are Full Fence, while the two smaller sides of the arena are Open.

    • Deep Mountain (Lei-Fei)
    • Palace (Lion Rafale)

    Breakable Half Fence (12x12)

    These stages are similar to Half Fence stages. However, knocking opponents to a wall on certain KO hits causes it to break, leaving that side open for the remainder of the match.

    • Aurora (Sarah Bryant)
    • Island (Jeffry McWild)

    Breakable Full Fence (12x12)

    These stages are similar to Full Fence stages. However, knocking opponents to a wall on certain KO hits causes it to break, leaving that side open for the remainder of the match.

    • Broken House (Goh Hinogami)
    • Grassland (Pai Chan)

    Low Fence (16x16)

    These stages are similar to Open stages. However, low fences are placed that prevent players from accidentally stepping out of the arena. Some attacks also no longer push opponents out of the arena.

    • Shrine (Aoi Umenokouji)
    • Temple (Kage-Maru)

    Octagon (10x10)

    These stages are the smallest in the game and have eight impenetrable full-size walls in an octagon shape.

    • Arena (El Blaze)
    • Waterfalls (Vanessa Lewis)


    Character customization is only available if players own a DLC pack with customizable items.

    Legendary Pack

    Released at launch for $9.99, this DLC includes:

    Yakuza Series Collaboration Pack

    Released on December 7, 2021 for $9.99, this DLC includes:

    • "Type D" and "Yakuza" costumes for all characters, the latter based on characters from the Yakuza series and are not customizable.
    • Alternate BGM options: "VF3 Arranged" (arrangements of Virtua Fighter 3 themes) and "Yakuza" (from the Yakuza series).
    • Several character customization items.
    • Additional spectator stamps.

    Tekken 7 Collaboration Pack

    Released on May 31, 2022 for $9.99, this DLC includes:

    • "Tekken 7" non-customizable costumes for all characters.
    • Alternate BGM option: "Tekken 7".
    • Alternate gameplay UI: "Tekken 7".

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