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Virtual intelligence (VI) are programs that make intelligent decisions based on the virtual environments built around them, or merely interact with their environments in some manner. In video games they're often depicted as non-sentient, interactive databases or control mechanisms that the player interacts with - typically through verbal communication. In the real world they're often used for theoretical problem solving when physical environments for such research is either unavailable, dangerous, or prohibitively expensive. VI applications are also commonly developed for entertainment, academic projects, interactive training, or for proofs of concept.

Notable Virtual Intelligence In Video Games

  • The popular on-line virtual environment Second Life is populated by various VI's created by players. These are typically scripts with game asset wrappers
  • EDI (Enhanced Defense Intelligence) is an artificial intelligence on-board the spaceship Normandy SR-2 in the popular video game Mass Effect 2. Although the impression is given that EDI is not truly an artificial intelligence during the early portions of the game, certain dialogue-driven scenes later reveal in the narrative that EDI is capable of rational thought and emotion
  • An elaborate set of content creation tools in the upcoming LittleBigPlanet 2 promises to allow players to create sophisticated VI's. Some examples were showcased at the trade expo E3 2010

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