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    Vixen 357

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 23, 1992

    A sci-fi strategy RPG from Masaya that tasks players to fight off a possible alien invasion with a team of prototype mechs.

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    Vixen 357 is a strategy RPG featuring mech suits created by the same internal team at Masaya that developed Langrisser/Warsong. The player assumes the role of Slash Team: a well-trained military unit running the experimental new VECTOR model mechs through some field tests, who are unexpectedly required to use them for real when a mysterious enemy starts attacking their nation.

    Vixen 357 uses traditional turn-based gameplay where the player's entire side takes a turn and then switches over to the enemy. Units can both move and shoot each turn, and the player can customize their mechs with various loadouts for added range or defense.

    The game remains a Japanese Mega Drive exclusive; there were plans to release a localized limited reproduction in 2019 that were in motion until they fell through. The game also received an unofficial fan translation in 2016.


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