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Wailing Caverns is a low level (lvl 15-21) instance found in The Barrens near Lushwater Oasis on the mainly Horde occupied continent of Kalimdor. Due to the placement of the instance, it's generally concidered a Horde instance, even though it is possible for Alliance players to enter it as well. The Deadmines is arguably the Alliance equivalent.


The Wailing Caverns is a serious of interconnected underground caverns, initially discovered by the druid Naralex.  He believed he could use the hidden springs to help aid him in his quest to restore The Barrens.  However, to do so he would have to connect with the Emerald Dream.  Upon connection, something horrible happened, trapping him in a sleeping state and turning all the innocent creatures inside the cavern into monsters. 
It garners its name from the distinct wailing sound caused by steam that echoes throughout the caverns. 

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