Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

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Hey whats up, anyone played a beta for Chivalry? Seems very similar to The War of the Roses except for the first person perspective, just wondering which would be a better buy. Obviously its not out yet but it aint too far off. Might hold off for a bit and see the reviews when they surface...

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I was also curious of this. It seems a lot of people think Chivalry is a better game. Its quite different but the overall opinion is its a more polished and balanced game. The attack mechanics are different; WOR uses a swipe and hold whereas Chivalry uses clicks and the mouse wheel for different attacks.

here is one of the videos I'd check out. Its got a lot of first impressions and he goes through the different classes.

Loading Video...

I think for now I'll wait for Chivalry and pick up war of roses until its on sale.

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Huh, I really hope Dave & Drew give this a look, too, since my views on these kinds of games line up with theirs. When it comes down to it, I'll probably defer to their wisdom since I'm sure they'd talk comparing and contrasting if they ever give Chivalry a look.

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War of the Roses is alright. There are a few weapon balancing issues but overall it's a decent game. The cool thing about WoR vs. other games (like M&B), is that there is a lot of customization in terms of perks, and equipment for your character. Not too sure about Chivalry, but it looks pretty damn good as well.

Does anyone know the extent of player customization in Chivalry? Is it like Warbands (Not persistent but some class customization) or something more like WoR?

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Dunno, the combat in the video provided looks kinda cheesy to me. Archery, which is what i usually play in WotR, looks flat out boring in that video. It's a question of how the 1v1 melee combat plays out. In WotR i feel like there's more strategy to it's melee combat. It feels like a fight and you feel good when you come out on top, add to that feeling with a finishing execution on your opponent just to rub it in is pleasing as well.

In this video it looks like the typical first person game where you kill a guy, move to the next, rinse repeat.

But melee combat's all about feel so i wouldn't be able to come to a conclusion until i had a chance to play Chivalry. From that video it just looks like a cheap mod then it's own game to me.

WotR isn't perfect by any means but i've been enjoying it for 22 hours so far and if they iterate on some of the problems the community has with the game (especially squad spawning) then it's a great package at $30 and as long as there are still people playing WotR it'll be great to pick it up on a Steam sale.

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@EquitasInvictus: awww man that would be great! Don't suppose there's anyway of highlighting this to them other than sending a tweet etc?

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