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    Fantasy RTS finds a home on the Game Boy.

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    Warlocked is a real-time strategy game for the Game Boy Color developed by Bits Studios and published by Nintendo on 2000.


    The story is about two groups, the Humans and the Beasts, trying to destroy each other. The Beasts, led by a being known as Chief Zog, have risen up against the humans, led by Queen Azarel. In desperation, Queen Azarel summons the realm's wizards for help.


    Resource-management and base/unit building is a major part of gameplay, but the real depth lies in mastering the power of the collectible Wizard units. Serving as the game's version of the typical RTS hero unit, each Wizard has their own unique power, ranging from building reinforcement to the ability to turn other units into chickens. Taking a cue from Pokemon, Wizards can be traded from game to game, but instead of using a Game Link cable Warlocked uses the Game Boy Color's infrared sensor.

    In the game's main story mode, players can play as either the Humans or the Beasts, each with their own set of missions. Using a Game Link cable two players can engage in a skirmish mode.

    The game also features two minigames - a version of Poker and a sliding puzzle.

    Sequel Cancellation

    A sequel, Wizards, was in development for the Game Boy Advance at Bits Studios, but was canceled for unknown reasons before development could be finished.


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