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Warlords 2 Deluxe

Warlords is a war strategy game, where eight different players battle, loot sack and pillage, for the Kingdom of Illuria. It can be played by 1 to 8 players, with the computer taking all remaining positions. The Kingdom of Illuria, After a long peace time between the eight empires within has ended the truce and the eight empires of Illuria realize that now is the time for 1 ruler to rise. Army's are being mobilized for conquest, and only one Supreme Warlord will Reach total domination.

The Goals in Warlords are simple:

To annihilate all opposition to your rule. To do this, you will have to control all eighty cities in the lands of Illuria by defeating the 7 opponents before you.

Ways to win:

Brute Force, alliances with dragons or wizards, hero's can find and wield magical swords to aid them in battle, economic warfare is also a very viable option.

The Deluxe version is an Upgrade of the Warlords II. with both better graphics and resolution, the engine is also improved with multimedia effects and animations.


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