How important is it for the game to have humor

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I wonder how this game will turn out in that regard.

I keep thinking about Fallout 3/New Vegas and how much humor those games try to incorporate in every aspect possible. When someone mentions the post-apoc setting people immediately think about Fallout. If inXile starts loading this up with "funny" it might turn out too similar for it to maintain its own thing?

Arguably these games are one and the same. The reason for Wasteland was that they couldn't keep making Fallout games because of the rights etc, if someone can correct me on that if its not the case I'd appreciate it.

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More important than life itself.

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@Funkydupe: Actually, the Fallout franchise was started because EA had the rights for Wasteland. Obviously Brian Fargo can't make another Fallout, since Bethesda has the rights to that now. He did get the rights to the Wasteland franchise back, however, so he's making a sequel to that.

As far as humor goes, it would be quite welcome to me, but I'd be fine with it being more serious. Whether it goes for it's own style or sticks to the Fallout tradition, I'm game. It just needs to be an RPG with turn-based combat, and lots of interesting decisions to make, dialog trees, and ways to solve problems.

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I would very much like a humourous Wasteland; just as long as they keep out the fourth-wall breaking, pop-culture references and self-referential humour. The excess of that kind of thing really soured my Fallout 2 experience =(

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@James_Giant_Peach said:

More important than life itself.

I would kill myself if I could finally be funny...

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The Fallout 3 humour is nothing like the humour in Fallout 1/2, those were fun in a whole other way. While F3 was fun it wasnt the same, it was more quirky while the originals were satires and cultural nods that worked at the time. Im hoping Wasteland 2 sticks to the original formula.

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Wasteland actually did have a decent amount of humour in it, but it wasn't the same as Fallout's humour. It was more bizarre, more surreal. Wasn't really tied to pop-culture or American idealism/50's culture like Fallout was.

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