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Joel Zimmerman, or Deadmau5, as he is better known, is a Canadian DJ. His alias is pronounced as 'dead mouse', and is derived from the German term for 'mouse', which is 'maus'. Deadmau5 is written as 'deadmau5' on all of his albums, and the name can be written in both upper and lower case. 


Joel Zimmerman was born on the 5th of January 1981, in Toronto, Canada. His musical styles are progressive house, and electro. His discography features many different well known house songs, and he is frequently on different compilation house music albums. His stage name, Deadmau5, originated from when he supposedly found a dead mouse inside his computer when he was upgrading it. He took this moment, and used it as an opportunity to come up with a unique stage name. 
During the year 2007, Joel Zimmerman was named as Producer of the Year by famed house musician Armin van Buuren, as well as Tiesto. Deadmau5 received many awards during the Beatport Award ceremony across two different years, and he is the most awarded house artist of all time.  
During the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Deadmau5 performed one of his tracks live over loudspeakers. The track he chose to play was the follow-up to one of his most well known, and is entitled "Moar Ghosts 'n Stuff". This song was played live across the United States.


Joel Zimmerman's appearance is extremely iconic among house music fans. Typically, he will always wear a unique mouse head, which is bright red, though he does wear other colours. The latest of these heads has thousands of LEDs in it, so it will glow. 


Deadmau5 is a playable character in Activision and FreestyleGames game, DJ Hero 2. In addition, three Deadmau5 tracks are in the game, "I Remember", "Move For Me" (both with Kaskade) and "Ghosts 'n Stuff", which is mixed with Lady Gaga's "Just Dance". 
In addition, Rockstar Games added an entire Deadmau5 radio station in GTA: Chinatown Wars, which was released on the Nintendo DS, iPhone, and Playstation Portable. The icon for the station is Deadmau5' distinctive mouse head mask.

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