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    Eternal Lands

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Feb 13, 2003

    Free to play, fantasy MMORPG currently under development, but highly playable.

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    In Eternal Lands, rather than having a fixed occupation as per many other MMORPG's, you can pick what skills you want to improve at any time as long as you have the the time, ingredients and in the case of fighting, the equipment. An optional experience counter is viewable on the right of the game interface, allowing the player to easily keep an eye on his or her current level in any of the skills. While training, experience points are not only added to the specific skill but to an Overall level. Once an 'OA' has been attained the player gains a Pick Point, which he or she can use to increase Nexus's (Explained Below) or buy Perks.

    • Attack (ATT)

      Improving your attack skill greatly improves your chances to injury your opponent. Attack skill is gained when the player successfully lands a blow in combat.
    • Defense (DEF)

      The defense level you have is used in calculating how likely you are to avoid or deflect a blow during combat. With every successful evasion and deflection the player earns more experience point.
    • Harvesting (HARV)

      In order to create items in the game, the player must gather the appropriate ingredients before setting to work. Flowers, metal ores, coal and other resources readily available from various maps in-game can be successfully harvested for experience points, increasing success rate, reliability and speed of harvesting.
    • Alchemy (ALC)

      Alchemy, along with harvesting, is one of the primary skills that most players will find level up the quickest due to the games varied essences, metal bars and so on that are needed for progress in the other skills. Your level is used to calculate success or failure in this skill.
    • Magic (MAG)

      Players can cast many spells in Eternal Lands, including defensive and offensive, teleportation spells amongst others. Magic level not only determines the success rate of the spell being cast, but also what kind of spell you can cast. For instance, the player must reach level 22 before he or she is able to start using the 'Restoration' spell that heals a majority of their health, and even then the failure rate is relatively high.
    • Potion (POT)

      Stats can be temporarily improved by the use of potions, increasing success rates when making items, defense, attack, allowing access to higher level spells, or more powerful summons. Some potions have more mundane uses such as a poison antidote, but still very useful.
    • Summoning (SUM)

      Both creatures and monsters can be summoned to help hunt and battle; From the lowly rabbit, to the mighty Dragons of Eternal Lands.
    • Manufacturing (MAN)

      Combining key ingredients, the player can produce weapons and armors to help defend themselves in the world.
    • Crafting (CRA)

      Crafting is similar to Manufacturing, only instead concentrating on magic and jewelry items, such as the Crown of Life and various medallions.
    • Engineering (ENG)

      Players can use engineering to produce explosive traps, night visors and essentials for other skills.
    • Tailoring (TAI)

      The art of making beautiful clothes. Players can change their default look by adding items of clothing to their heads, torsos, legs and feet (In addition to the cloaks.) Most items are purely cosmetic.
    • Ranging (RAN)

      The ranging skill determines how successful the player will be when using the games Crossbows and bolts, Bows and arrows. Many other factors affect the success rate, such as light level and distance.


    Creatures that inhabit the two main continents of the Eternal Lands universe come in two categories; Aggressive and Non-Aggressive. They are also listed in the game's internal encyclopedia in progressing order of difficulty to the player in combat.


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