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    Warrior's Lair

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    A "Social Action RPG" for the PS Vita and PSN, originally developed by Idol Minds. It was originally scheduled to be a launch window game for the Vita, however after delays and a long period with no news it was ultimately confirmed as having been canceled.

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    One aspect of the game's multiplayer will involve players building up a lair of their own tied to their character's advancement, while attacking other players' lairs. In a player's lair they can set up defenses with monsters and their own character as well as customize the layout and visual style. Lair areas revealed so far include an armory, bestiary and library. These areas can be decorated with relics that grant bonuses and boost the abilities of your character. The bonuses granted will change depending on which area the relics are placed in. For example, placing a Poison Ivy Relic in the armory will grant poison damage to any weapons the player uses, while placing it in the bestiary will grant poison damage to the monsters in the player's lair. Relics affect the physical appearance of the player's character allowing other players to figure out what relics they are using, and challenges can be issued by other players to battle for it by betting one of their own relics. Following a challenge, players attack each others' lairs over the next 24 hours and by successfully attacking and defending a player's score will increase. The one with the highest score at the end of the challenge will be rewarded with both relics along with other loot and experience points.

    Warrior's Lair will allow Cross Save between the Vita and PS3 versions using the PlayStation cloud (subscription to Playstation Plus is not required for this feature.) This means players can save their progress on one version, then resume playing right where they left off on the other platform. Shuhei Yoshida confirmed in an interview with Eurogamer in August of 2011 that Warrior's Lair will also be available for Cross Buy, which includes both the PS3 and PS Vita version in one purchase.


    The game was initially being made by Idol Minds, however in April 2012 Sony confirmed that development had been moved in house to Sony's San Diego Studio. Then on July 3, 2013, after over a year with no further news, Sony finally confirmed that game had been canceled.


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