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Critical look at Where is my Heart?

Someone who has soft spot for pixelated indie puzzle platformers the premises here sure sounds good. Add to the fact there isn't really another game with similar gameplay idea out there. Sure plenty of puzzle platformers, but not in the same way as this.

Objective is simple, collect hearts and find an exit. Where this gets tricky is that the game screen is divided into small sections like a comic book strips. Except that the panels are not in order. Meaning go left of a panel might up ending up player to come somewhere else. There isn't too much order behind this other than confusing the player.

This is much harder than it looks
This is much harder than it looks

Game is spread over 26 levels. It is possible to go through the exit door without collecting every single heart on every map. Giving little bit more reasons to go through the levels again after finishing the the game. Which itself is not the most longest platforming experience.

The action takes in form of three controllable characters. Each with their own unique ability. The black monster can use/see hidden platforms. The brown monster gaining antlers. Surely that is number one power? The secondary power for the brown monster comes in form of double-jump. Also depending on a level when transforming to the anter-doublejumper this the screen changes (goes into a night time screen) where other to monsters are floating around. The last, orange monster has an ability to jump between sections. Or rather, the sections get rotated when the monster jumps. Allowing the orange monster to jump between panels. Controls are very simple, one button to jump and one to switch between characters. Three characters constantly are to be used in tandem to solve games puzzles. With spikes, water pits and various switches the game gets difficult and confusing fast. Especially when the rotating panel power comes in play.


Presentation wise game does fine job if nothing else. The view perspective changes according to the maps. The bigger maps make the panels somewhat small, especially on the PS3 version. This together with the actual platform parts can make screen slightly obstructed. The actual pixel art is pretty and unique. That with the minimalistic soundtrack, game has very distinct artistic feel over it.

The Playstation Minis platform doesn't have too many gems and after playing this game to the completion I still think the same. Where Is My Heart is charming and it has very innovate puzzle mechanism. Unfortunately it is not lot of fun. Random mechanism around the antler monster and odd rotating effect that just hinders players view is just annoying. View might be tad harsh, but I did not find myself enjoying this one bit. Which is a shame since the idea behind the game is so fresh.

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