Classic Controller Pro - No analog buttons?

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According to Wikipedia and a few other sources on the net the Classic Controller Pro for the Wii lacks the L/R analog buttons which where present on the normal non-Pro Classic Controller, instead the L/R buttons are now digital.

Where there any games that made use of the analog buttons and that now run into issues with the Classic Controller Pro? Or where those buttons really never be used by any game?

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I thought the classic controller was just the normal one with a grip things.

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@Ineedaname:  No, the Classic Controller Pro is a completly new device from Nintendo, it changes the layout of the top buttons and moves the two analogsticks further appart. There also exist third party grips that you can plug on the regular Classic Controller, and while they look very similar, they are a completly different thing.

 Classic Controller:
 Classic Controller Pro:
 Classic Controller with Third Party grips:

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