Paper Wii Points Cases

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It seems that Nintendo have finally (after more than two fucking years!!)  put an end to their a shameful waste of plastic in the European market, by selling Wii Points in regular Nintendo Wii game cases since launch.

Today I was able to buy some Wii Points that came in a paper sleeve. It's about fucking time, this aspect has really been pissing me off a fair bit as a eco friendly Wii owner.

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Why the hell did it take them this long to phase out plastic cases?, especially when Greenpeace were on their back and touted Nintendo as thee worst waste and pollution offenders among the console makers. Nintendo clearly don't give a fuck about the environment, not enough in my eyes. Their pitiful eco standing is totally at odds with their family image, the one they portray in order to to sell more games.

What the hell is it with Nintendo and cheap plastic?, why do I now associate most things Nintendo with cheap white plastic?.


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I can't say for sure, but I am pretty sure they were never in plastic cases in Australia (I have never bought them).  That does seem pretty stupid in this day and age.  It would be a significant cost saving change.

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There's no viable excuse for it, paper sleeves behind the counter at games stores and other retail outlets would have worked absolutely fine.  For two years now they've been wasting plastics with no regard to the consequences at all. Over the past years I have gained nearly 20 empty game cases, all for a simple voucher code!.

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They sold the Wii Points in the game cases? What the fuck? whose bright idea was that?

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Yeah I hated those boxes. I wish they'd just add a variety of credit cards to the store. I have Maestro and thus can't buy points directly. Usually go to ebay and get the code emailed.

Thank god for the PSN and it's lack of "fake currency" system and range of compatible credit cards.

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get2sammyb said:
Yeah I hated those boxes. I wish they'd just add a variety of credit cards to the store. I have ... [more]
Do they not have the ability to put your credit card information into the wii in europe? They do in the U.S.
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im glad to see that they have finally started selling them in paper sleeve such a waste with them in the boxes

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Can you store games and manuals in them?  If you can, can I have your boxes?

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AgentJ said:
get2sammyb said: Yeah I hated those boxes. I wish they'd just add a variety of credit cards to the store. ... [more]
It sounds like his card isn't supported, though.
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Here in US they never put them in boxes. Not from what I've seen.

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Who cares about the environment? I don't.

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PureRok said:
Who cares about the environment? I don't.
Linky does.
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In the US we get them in those annoying plastic bubble containers that are a pain in the ass to open.

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Meh. I just buy them online. Everyone should. And Greenpeace only place Nintendo as the worst simply because Nintendo doesn't care enough about them to actually provide data. And so Greenpeace gets all pissy and places them last even though they can't place them at all with no data.

...I could use a replacement box, my De Blob box is in horrible condition... And I ordered it directly from the Greek Nintendo too (they suck, they used to do SEGA, now they do Nintendo [and I guess release some other companies' Wii games], they haven't really promoted it at all and we're probably the only country the Wii sells like shit in)... End users can always recycle them boxes too, it's up to them.

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