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    Wii U Pro Controller

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    A more conventional alternative controller accessory for Wii U consoles, released alongside the system in 2012.

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    The Wii U Pro Controller served as both an alternate control style for Wii U games that did not strictly require the unique features of the Wii U GamePad and could be played like conventional games from other platforms, as well as a control option for multiplayer scenarios. The wireless Bluetooth controller featured the same selection of buttons as the Wii Classic Controller Pro with a key distinction being the two analog sticks being placed in a symmetrical top-aligned primary position, mirroring the layout on the Wii U GamePad. The ergonomics of the controller are more in-line with an Xbox 360-controller with its rounded grips and ZL/ZR shoulder buttons now shaped like triggers (albeit still just being digital buttons, like on the Wii Classic Controller Pro) and the left stick and +Control pad now laid out like that of the aforementioned Xbox 360 controller, or the more directly related GameCube controller. The controller also supports rumble and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which also necessitates a power button below the home button and a port for the controller cable between the shoulder buttons.

    Neither a headphone jack, microphone or gyro-sensor were included in the featureset of the controllers, however.

    The Wii U Pro Controller was released alongside the console in black and white color variants in all territories. Though notably, PAL regions only ever received the black version and the white controller remained exclusive to Japan and the Americas.


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