Will Wright Talks, I Listen

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#51 Posted by SevX1 (24 posts) -

Games are for one thing and one thing only, to pwn noobs!

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#52 Posted by selbie (2449 posts) -

That man speaks words of awesome. I've always wondered why there aren't AAA educational games that have great gameplay but teach kids stuff as well.
No doubt Will Wright, the master of Carebears, will make it happen.

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#53 Posted by OrgunUK (82 posts) -
@Arjuna said:
" When Will Wright talks, you shut your filthy little fucking mouth and listen up, god dammit! "
@Winternet said:
" Will Wright for President of the World. "
Agree 100% :) He could talk about what he had for dinner the other day and I would be fascinated.
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#54 Posted by theMcNasty (758 posts) -
@End_Boss said:
" Next up: Will Wright talks about the delicate art of observing the gradual drying of paint. The world listens. "
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#55 Posted by citizenkane (10875 posts) -

There are very view people I seriously want to constantly listen to all day.  Will Wright is one of those few people.

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#56 Posted by Det1 (193 posts) -

This is the first time I've ever heard will wright talk.
It sounds like he really just repeated what's been a cultural phenomenon to "make education fun for the kids!" (I won't use again because education has rarely been fun ever since spartan training) thing and tacked video games into it.

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#57 Posted by babz (311 posts) -

i like him, sounds like a old teacher i had in uni!

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#58 Posted by Dark (484 posts) -

Paul Barnett and Will Wright are two of what I consider the best PR you can have, Paul makes me laugh and gets me enthusiastic about anything he is into. Will Wright on the other hand is a bloody Linguistic Wordsmith, I can sit for hours just listening to how he describes things, he bleeds charisma faster than an Emo bleeds blood.

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#59 Posted by AleM (47 posts) -
@selbie: Well, because video games are mainly a commercial thing, so, if it doesn't sell, it can't be AAA. That's capitalism at its best. XD
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#60 Posted by Jimbo_N (1479 posts) -

I hold Molyneux, Bleszinski and Carmack higher when it comes to listening to a man talk. But yea. Man, Will Wright. I can listen to that dude forever. In fact, this interview will probably make me late for work now... arr..

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#61 Posted by Jimbo (10472 posts) -

Will Wright is the antithesis of James Cameron.  If Will Wright talked to me about Avatar for two and a half hours, I would listen.

He's obviously alluding to Sim City here, but really, Theme Park is the perfect example of what he's talking about.

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#62 Posted by JackiJinx (3255 posts) -

Motivation over education. I never really thought about learning that way. I like it.

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#63 Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God (302 posts) -

Id like to know whats your specific beef with Florida tax law as opposed to every other state? Too high property taxes?

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#64 Posted by dagas (3483 posts) -

I've been trying to say the same thing to people about sci-fi to explain why it's so interesting, but most people still just look at sci-fi as space and aliens when it's really just a way to talk about very real things in a different setting. It's just hard for people who have made up their mind already. Same with video games. You tell people you play video games and they look at you as if you are a stupid kid (at least if they are over 35)

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#65 Posted by Media_Master (3259 posts) -

He knows what he's talking about.

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#66 Posted by Branthog (5777 posts) -

This was voiced over like it was being presented to a bunch of kids in a class room during a "News for Students" segment or something. Ugh.

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#67 Posted by Branthog (5777 posts) -
@dagas said:
"You tell people you play video games and they look at you as if you are a stupid kid (at least if they are over 35) "
Who are these people you are telling this to? The average video game player is 35 and while most of the people that I know who are my age don't play videogames much (if at all) anymore for whatever reason (usually responsibilities because they've saddles themselves down with children and other obligations) they hardly look upon people negatively for gaming.
@Lazyaza said:
" Will Wright speaks the truth, interactive software is a powerful tool for learning and the fact its so underused for such things is down right crazy.Imagine if you could go to school and instead of having a teacher yell at you and demand you write a 3000 word essay you instead spend your time playing in a virtual world where you are constantly being taught new things.I want to see a company make a game that can be classed as a documentary or a history lesson, their is no reason these kinds of games couldn't be made without still being fun.  And that's the key to education, making it enjoyable. "
The tools matter less than the teachers and the environment. No tool will compensate for the fact that many (if not most) teachers and school administrations and parent groups operate not under the banner of critical thinking, free thinking, intellectual pursuit, personal growth or other admirable virtues but under the weighty fist of authoritarian because I said so, and inaccurate information that you dare not confront them on for fear of being labeled as a trouble maker.
The school system is designed around producing citizens and workers of the future who obey and don't question. Any sort of knowledge transfer is secondary and any actual critical thinking skills instilled in them is usually just an unfortunate coincidence except for the rare teacher who subverts the entire educational mechanism and teachers to the student for their own true benefit.
Think about how scared you probably were your entire educational career, that if you didn't do everything absolutely perfectly, you would get bad grades and marks in high school and the rest of your entire life would be determined by those little pieces of paper recorded at your school administration office. Did those grades and marks ever matter? No. Once you're out of school, nobody in any position to hire you ever asked you about high school and never cared. It was all a lie to scare you into following the system, even if you had the drive, determination, and passion to be a successful autodidact that achieved in the world.
The kind of tools you speak of, in the hands of the typical educator and educational system, are utterly useless at best and completely counter-productive at worst. Of course it could be fantastic in the proper hands.

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