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Wyngale is a warrior Sovani, who used to fight for the “Imperator”, the ancient ruler of the world of The Last Remnant. He was a fierce warrior, fighting mainly for the joy and pleasure of killing. Perhaps that was the reason that over time, the Imperator became afraid of him. He forced him to bind with the remnant “Brimuslabus”, sealing a huge monster, in order to restrained him.

After that Wyngale stood there in a town called “Baaluk” where the remnant was located, watching over it for hundreds of years. During this time, people of Baaluk began to see him as a hero who protects the town, and grown to respect him. When the lord of Baaluk died, his sons could not agree on who should be the next lord, leaving Wyngale as the closest thing the town had to a leader.

At this time, Wyngale meets with Rush though they don't get too friendly. Later, the reamnant Brimuslabus is stolen, and the monster it sealed, “The Fallen” awakens. Wyngale asks Rush to help him defeat the monster.

When the monster is defeated, Wyngale is filled with joy and a sense of freedom, going as far as not being able to control himself. He then goes semi mad, wanting to kill the Imperator who has been dead for a long time, believing that his soul is still clinging to the world.

After defeating Wagram and the Icy Idol, he confesses to Rush that although all his bonds have been released, he is taken by a strong feeling of emptiness...

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