Changing your xbox region? Is it true?

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Being someone who is constantly travelling, the issue of a region locked xbox is pretty substantial for me. Having bought my xbox from Hong Kong and am currently living in Canada, buying games for it is a bit of a pain as you can imagine. However, recently having done a bit of Googling online, i've come across several forum posts by people claiming that simply changing your xbox's region (which can be done every 3 months) allows different region games to be played. Is this true?

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I live in Korea where region encoding is a pain in the ass for the rather large and growing community of expat gamers. I know for a fact that you can't change the region of a Korean Xbox into a North American one. I doubt it's different for any other region.

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When I was living in North America and about to move to Europe I called Xbox tech support. The guy wasn't too sure sounding but he said I could change my region but it was a one time deal and my account would be forever locked to that region. Since I'm planning on coming back to the US I didn't switch and as a result some stuff doesn't work in Europe like free games with Gold Live membership.

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You should really look into buying a PS3 instead.

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