How to know available languages in games?(specificaly dead Space)

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I usually buy the games in Spain and they have English and Spanish at least as available languages, for some games I play on Spanish because it's more comfortable to me, and some I play on English because:

  1. Voice acting may be better, as portal.
  2. It's not dubbed, and English voices with Spanish subtitles are weird, as Mass effect.

Now I was thinking about buying Dead Space in UK, but I'm uncertain about the languages included in the DVD. I thought all games included the languages in the region, which in this case would be German, French, English, Spanish and Italian at least. But apparently not all games in the region (and that can be used in the consoles in that region) include all those languages.

The question is: Is there any way of knowing which languages are included in a DVD before buying it, putting it into the XBox and being disappointed?

Thank you very much.

PD: games don't have a menu for that, AFAIK, I change the settings for the whole XBox, I wish I could change them only for my account, though.

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