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#251 Posted by MajorZero64 (22 posts) -

If anyone wanted to send an invite to Gamertag: Major Zero 64, well, I'd consider that a real swell gesture and would certainly appreciate it :D

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#252 Posted by rocky019 (6 posts) -

Would appreciate an invite from anyone if they can. GT: rocky019

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#253 Posted by xdan0x (44 posts) -

If any one could pass me an invite it would be hugely appreciated :)
Gamertag: xdan0x

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#254 Posted by Nailbunny (7 posts) -

I'm not sure if anyone is still checking this thread, but if so, I would very appreciative of a Preview invite. GT: NailbunnyPD

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#255 Posted by DGBruin08 (164 posts) -

I too, would love an invite to the preview program. GT: DG Bruin 08.

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#256 Posted by CatsAkimbo (787 posts) -

Just a heads up for preview program people, be sure to read the "Known Issues" of the new xbox dashboard before you opt into it. There are a lot of games and apps that supposedly can fail to even launch in the new dashboard as of right now. You can roll back back to the current dashboard, but it requires a factory reset, so you'll lose all your settings and stuff. So maybe hold off until there's nothing you care about in the known issues.

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#257 Posted by handlas (3171 posts) -

I opted in. Majority of the store is just gone. Like, I can't see most of the games in it. Tomb Raider is a free download for Gold and it's missing from the store, for instance. But, oh well, it's not that huge a deal to me as long as I get to check out the new dashboard!

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#258 Edited by bslayer (233 posts) -

I know it's been asked a million times already but I'll give it a shot. If someone is willing to invite me to the preview program I'd really appreciate it. My gamertag is Bslayer 2099. That includes the space between the name and the number. Thank you in advance.

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#259 Edited by mondeblue (27 posts) -

Putting the feelers out there, I'd love an invite so I can try out the windows 10 streaming stuff. Gamertag: Oebajla

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#260 Posted by kagato (1161 posts) -

@kagato said:

Anyone that has not yet been given access or is wanting another invite drop me a message on xbox live and i'll do it when i get home tonight, my id is ShinKagato, i'll be home in around 7 hours so bit of a wait. When i got invited it took 10 days to get in but with all the backwards compatibility stuff its likely being flooded with people wanting in, just be prepared for a wait.

Still happy to invite more if you want in, remember to do it via xbox live though as this thread seems to vanish randomly from day to day

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#261 Posted by ScientificPizza (2437 posts) -

has anyone been updated to the new UI yet? i got it and it looks a lot nice, but is there any way to view achievements without it being snapped? should i have started a new thread? who can say

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#262 Posted by yates (489 posts) -

Not expecting anything but if anyone has a spare invite laying about I'd appreciate it if you could send it over this way! Gamertag is yatesisamazing.

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#263 Posted by Nashvilleskyline (353 posts) -

@yates: sorry man, they seem to have closed the doors for the moment...

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#264 Posted by yates (489 posts) -

@nashvilleskyline: S'all good. Can't be too long to wait until they launch the new UI for realsies anyway.

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#265 Posted by Nashvilleskyline (353 posts) -

@yates: And Honestly, the new UI is fantastic, but the apps are buggy and crashe often.. Betas...

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#266 Posted by Fontelroy (125 posts) -

If the invites start working again I'd love to check out the preview. My gamer tag is Phontelroy if anyone wants to help me out :D

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#267 Posted by minelbp (13 posts) -

GT minelbp

I'd like an invite if anyone is still checking the thread.

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#268 Edited by babomb (8 posts) -

If anyone can do an invite can you please add me? GT: binfuser

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