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Anyone have any idea why Microsoft seems determined to NOT show the price of digital games on the website? It seems they want you to dig down to see the cost of any given game.

Even the "Deals with Gold" hides the price of the game now and just shows the percentage off for the price like 50% or whatever.

I find this extremely annoying.

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They want you to be signed in, likely so they know what games you're looking at for marketing purposes. I'm guessing there's some kind of algorithm out there that tracks if you look at a game, but don't buy it, that this game will be advertised to you if and when it goes on sale. I wouldn't get too up in arms about it, as most modern advertisements work this way.

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I mean, I'm always signed in. I want to be able to browse the store and sort by price. I'd say just about any other retailer on the web allows that.

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