The Facebook Version of this game is amazing!

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So ryan mentioned on the podcast some while ago that there's a facebook version of the game. and man, it's done REALLY well. you can play a free game every day (without paying a cent) and get more games if you invite some friends to the party. you're playing asynchronous against other people or friends that have also played the same episode. there are 5 rounds in a game and even some new type of questions. best thing: EVERYTHING is voiced by cookie and they are putting out new episodes almost every day! it's still so much fun and the perfect fix for an european who had not had the chance to pick up the "new" xbox version of the game.

guys, check it out!

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#2 Posted by Phatmac (5931 posts) -

Yes it is awesome! Sadly you have to keep paying for games to keep playing or wait a while in order to get a free game.

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#3 Posted by SmilingPig (1370 posts) -

I agree

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#4 Posted by Nadafinga (1040 posts) -

The game is without a doubt the best thing on Facebook.

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#5 Posted by Mitch0712 (650 posts) -

Idk, having to wait a whole day just to play for 5 minutes seemed like a waste of time to me. I liked those 5 minutes though.

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