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    Yuanda Zhu

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    A character from the Shenmue franchise, he tried to warn Iwao Hazuki his life was in danger.

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    Yuanda Zhu (or Zhu Yuanda) is the owner of the Five Star Corporation in Hong Kong and author of the martial arts text, the Wulinshu. He knew Iwao Hazuki and sent him a letter of warning that his life was in danger; the letter arrived days after Iwao was murdered by Lan Di. He is one of few to understand the significance of the mirrors ( Dragon and Phoenix) and why Lan Di will go to any lengths to obtain them.
    Ryo travels to Kowloon to seek Zhu out, where he hides out at the top of the ruined Ghost Hall building. Ryo succeeds in finding him, but before the two manage to talk, Dou Niu and his Yellow Head organisation interrupt them and abduct Zhu. He is rescued from the top of the Yellow Head building by Ryo and Ren, and later advises Ryo to travel to Guilin to find out more about the mirrors.


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