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    Zane Truesdale

    Character » appears in 5 games

    He is the number one ranking duelist in Yugioh Gx's Duel Academy. His deck circles around Cyber Dragons, which he can fuse together.

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    Zane Truesdale is part of the obelisk blue dorm and is highly respected throughout the academy, and is the older brother of Syrus. The first time Zane faces jaden yuki he beats him ending it with his Cyber End Dragon. The next time he faces him again in season two for his graduating duel in which they have a tie. Zane has respects for his cards and respects good duelists. He has his first loss against Aster Phoenix, and then starts having a a loosing streak, and then meets Mr. Shroud. Mr. Shroud offers Zane a way to redeem himself by dueling in a Underground Duel, against Mad Dog. Underground duels is a duel  in front of a shady audience where both duelist are sealed inside a cage and forced to wear electrodes that shock them each time Life Points are depleted. While he is loosing he changes his ways of dueling to cruelty, and aggression, in which he turns into Dark Zane. He later seeks out Councilor Shepard dueling him for the location of the Cyberdark deck. When he gets the Cyberdark deck he ultimately betrays Cyber End Dragon, good zane's favorite card. Councilor Shepard tells him about a tournament he will be holding in duel academy with some of the best duelist in the world entering would be entering it. In the tournament Dark Zane walks up to Aster Phoenix wanting a rematch, but Syrus interferes and challenges Zane to a duel first. Zane and Syrus duel with electrodes shocking them when they loose life points, and Zane tries to persuade Syrus to becoming dark. But Jaiden talks Syrus out of it before he could turn dark. Later on it is revealed Zane takes a lot of damage to his heart because of all the underground dueling. He turns good and wants to fight Jesse who is controlled by an evil person named Yubel for one great last duel before his heart gives out on him. But in the middle of the duel his heart gives out and Syrus steps in to finish the duel for him, and wins. So, Zane's new goal for his dueling career is to surpass Syrus.

    Deck type

    Machine fusion monsters, dragon fusion monsters

    Favorite Cards

    • Cyber Dragon
    • Power bond
    • Limiter Removal
    • Cyber Dark Dragon
    • Cyber Twin Dragon
    • Cyber End Dragon
    • Future Fusion
    • Overload Fusion
    • Chimeratech Overload Dragon
    • Chimeratech Fortress Dragon


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