Zeno Clash, 50% off for 24 hours!

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#1 Posted by Forcen (2319 posts) -

You can pre-purchase Zeno Clash on Steam for half the price for 24 hours.

Zeno Clash will be available for 50% off its regular price for the first 24 hours of the pre-purchase period, starting Thursday, March 19 (8 pm GMT) up to Friday March 20. After that the game will continue to be available for 25% off its regular price up to the launch on April 21.

Zeno clash is a First person shooter/fighter in a bizarre fantasy setting. It uses the Source engine. here is a trailer:



And here are some screenshots:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7
I am probably going to buy it, it looks very interesting, and the 7,99€ price tag is perfect!

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#2 Posted by Dejkrigeren (389 posts) -

I bought it as soon as I saw it on the shop page.

This game looks awesomly freaky(borderline gross), which is right up my alley. I can't wait to play it. 
Plus it's good to see people going for a new art direction, read: acid.
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#3 Posted by Geno (6767 posts) -

I'm not too sure if I'm going to get it or not. I like the art style but the gameplay seems seriously meh. Anyone who played the beta/followed development recommend it?

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#4 Posted by LordAndrew (14601 posts) -

I wasn't quite sure, but I bought it anyway. It does seem somewhat intriguing.

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#5 Posted by MattyFTM (14807 posts) -

I'm not sure either but I can afford to spend £7.50 to find out.

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#6 Posted by Jman522 (509 posts) -

Yea I def bought this game, hoping it will be worth while, it looks quite promising, and the price isn't too shabby either, I love Steam sales ^^

I wonder how it would work in a multiplayer environment, might turn out like condemned 2's multiplayer if it had one =/ but thats just a guess...

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#7 Posted by jsparakov (5 posts) -

The game is also 50% off at D2D til 19th of April 2009 (Sunday). They will give you a download of the golden copy and a key for you to do a mandatory registration to Steam.

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#8 Posted by JudgeDread (640 posts) -

the game is way way cheaper on direct2drive than on steam, at least for europeans.

So if you are european DO NOT BUY ON STEAM.
Buy on D2D and support lower prices for europeans, and avoid incensing Valve to continue to rip europeans off.

Direct2Drive: 7£ = 10,36$ = 7,94 €
Steam: 12€ =  15,66 $= 10,58 £

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