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Zoids: The Battle Begins (known also simply as 'Zoids') is a computer game based on the popular Tomy series of put-together toy robots.


A race of militant Warriors, the Zoidarians, from the planet Zoidstar, have developed robotic Zoids; mechanical monsters which they can pilot in a galactic civil war. As their kind dwindled due to the constant fighting, they developed androids to pilot the Zoids.

Zoidstar was nearly obliterated by a meteor storm, leaving only the android race and the Zoids. The androids continued to develop stronger Zoids, without control of the now nearly extinct Zoidarians.

A nearby moon, the "Blue Moon" was the landing zone for an attempted Android battleforce, but the inhospitable world damaged the ships. The androids transfered the metal zoids to Red Zoids; boiling fluid machines which could survive the Blue Moon. The Red Zoids returned from the Blue Moon to find the original Blue Zoids still in active combat on Zoidstar.

The Red Zoids took over the various cities, and the Blue Zoids were forced to unite against them. Their efforts culminated in the creation of Zoidzilla; a blue Zoid which could combat the Red Zoid Redhorn.

Meanwhile, a man from Earth landed on Zoidstar, not knowing of the strife on the world. Damaged and near-dead, the Blue Zoid force rescued and resuscitated the Earthman. Affraid that Redhorn would eventually conquer Earth, Earthman makes it his mission to stop Redhorn by piloting the mighty Zoidzilla. Unfortunately, the Earthman's attack is thwarted when Zoidzilla explodes during a difficult landing. The Red Zoids bury the pieces of Zoidzilla in eight location to prevent the reconstruction. Earthman's mission is to assemble Zoidzilla and destroy Redhorn.


The player controls Earthman, a human Zoid pilot in search of the pieces of Zoidzilla. Earthman pilots a Tank Zoid, and gameplay is a simulation of the Tank Zoid cockpit.

Screen Layout

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The screen consists of 11 distinct parts.


Reflects the state of "urgency" during gameplay.


Reflects the general state of the Tank Zoid, becoming weaker with damage

Info Bank

The Info Bank animates to show pictures of enemies, and information about any selected object on the map. Animates when active.


Displays various warnings regarding enemies. This gives the operator a chance to counter. Animates while active.

Attack Mode

The Tank Zoid operator can select a Railgun, Missiles, or a Jamming signal. The indicator shows the current mode.


Current shield status


The number of Zoidzilla pieces collected, and player rating


Inventory, and pick-up/put-down


The map section displays a topographical map of the surrounding area.


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