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    Zombie Gunship

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 21, 2011

    Aerial zombie defense with an upgradable AC-130.

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    Zombie Gunship pits the player in the cockpit of an AC-130 defending the citizens of Pleasant Acres from an endless horde of zombies. The player must shoot the zombies with thee cannons, a 25mm, 40mm and 105mm. Killing zombies nets coins which can be used to purchase upgrades, as well as the 40mm and 105mm cannons. Killing three civilians ends the round, or one zombie passing into the bunker.

    Gun Upgrades

    Damage RadiusYesYesYes
    Faster CoolingYesNoNo
    Faster FiringYesYesNo
    Bullet SpeedYesYesYes
    Faster ReloadNoYesYes

    Extra Upgrades

    • Zombie Bounty- more money per zombie. 5 levels to upgrade
    • Bomb Buddy- Bunker gate defense that is auto used per round
    • General Pardon- Allows 3 additional civilians to be killed each round (Auto used per round).
    • Radar Upgrade- Increased radar range. 5 levels to upgrade.

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