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NBA Jam 360 And PS3 Will Be A Disc-Based Release

Just in case you were wondering.

NBA Jam for the Xbox 360 and PS3 will indeed be a disc-based release when it hits later this holiday.

Right. You're not surprised and neither are we. Earlier in October, NBA Jam creative director Trey Smith said that the team, after hearing about NBA Elite 11's surprise postponement, was going to do "everything in [their] power to get as much in there as possible." This included dropping in the Remix Tour and building up the title's online component into something worth talking about, two additions that indicated a disc-based release was coming. It was confirmed to be at least a standalone release prior to Smith's comments.

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== TEASER ==Previously, NBA Jam HD was slated to be a digital download exclusive to owners of NBA Elite 11. EA's original plan was to ship this version of the title with just three modes: Play Now, the classic campaign, and a barebones online mode. The standalone Wii version--which has been released since all this hullaballoo started--was supposed to be the only one featuring Remix Tour, the game's full-featured campaign component that pits you against NBA Legends and other teams. But even that has been brought into question. Dudes who somehow got their hands on the digital version of NBA Jam were reporting seeing Remix Mode as a potential additional download.

A recent GameFly listing indicated we'd see a disc-based release, and after speculation swirled, a statement given to Kotaku confirmed it. "The fact that retailers are showing the box is because we are shipping Jam in a box on [Xbox 360 and PS3]," EA Sports Vancouver PR director Jen Riley said. "We just haven't announced a firm date." Or price. But it seems inevitable that we'll see a $50 or $60 release now. Oh, and the date? GameFly indicates that we'll see NBA Jam as early as this November, but that hasn't been confirmed.