How to screw up a Kickstarter...

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They updated the Kickstarter today, and now they will be making the game whether they hit the million dollar goal or not, it just may take longer.

Anyone that backs this (with atleast $15) will get Defense Grid: The Awakening right away, the new expansion for the first game and the complete second game, it's just a matter of when rather than if now for the new stuff.

So back this project people, amazing game and I want more!!!!

First off, I really loved Defense Grid: The Awakening and I really want a sequel to this game to be made but the way Hidden Path is going about it seems doomed to failure.

I've never backed a Kickstarter before, there have been a few I regretted not getting in on but this one was the first one I heard of that I was making a beeline to back it; that is until I read their proposal.

They set the success target for $250,000, yet they will not make the game unless they hit $1 million? if they don't hit their extended target, backers will get a 8 level expansion for the original game rather than a next gen full game with multiplayer coop.

So unless this is a major success, everyone that funds it will get burned to various degrees; put in $100 to get 3 copies of the game and a Defense Grid 2 exclusive backer shirt (good rewards!) then the funding doesn't hit $1,000,000 so instead you get an expansion for a 4 year old game and a shirt for a game that will never exist...

I really hope they hit their goal, but I can't believe how badly they screwed up this Kickstarter.

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This is the best news to come out of kickstarter in a while. I can't wait for this sequel!

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