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I remember Dave saying that they were going to let you tag certain podcasts to say what games/people/stories are mentioned in them. Which would enable someone to find all the podcasts which talk about say Fallout.

Is this feature still in the pipeline?

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I'd absolutely love that. Would be great to finish an older game and go back and listen to what was said about it.

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do this please!! At least a list of the games mentioned would be good. For some reason I always seem to miss the name and have to try to figure out what it is why they are talking about it

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Also would love it they'd give timestamps on what happens when within the podcast, so I can skip games talk about stuff I haven't played yet, and jump to shit I really want to hear their banter about.

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Someone brought up enhanced podcasts (with chapters, images, links, etc) in an email to the podcast maybe a year ago. Ryan said it was not worth the time. Understandable as the podcast are ~3 hours long and i think Ryan still does the editing himself.

It would be cool if there was a site feature to add some of this information with the help of the community but i don't know how useful it would be as i think the majority listen to the podcast elsewhere. What they do now works fine and the descriptions do a good enough job of letting me know what the episode is about.

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Crowdsourcing the tags seems like a decent idea.

My secret dream is to have complete transcripts of the Bombcasts done by a team of hardcore duders.

It'll never happen.