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I love my Nighthawks poster but here's the thing. The USPS sucks at getting me packages. So after a few weeks of not getting my poster I had given up, but low and behold, I get a call from my apartment office saying I have a package. Woohoo! The tell-tale cardboard tube is there. I'm excited. Hell, I'm stoked. I get it home, pop that bad bitch open and revel in its glory.

But whats this? Another call the next day? Well I certainly didn't order anything else. Imagine my surprise when I find another cardboard tube waiting on me. Actually...this was about two weeks ago and I never opened it. I should probably make sure...

Yeah its the same poster. There is some bending at one of the corners and what seem to be a few tiny tiny cuts on the side. But its signed and everything.

And I don't know what to do with it! Do I send it back? Do I have Nighthawks in stereo? Do I pay it forward?

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Create a contest and send it to another duder, pay it foreword, listen to Kevin Spacey

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That's weird. I received a second poster the other day too. I'd give the first one to someone else, but it has several tears along the edges and I was too lazy to complain. Really bizarre. Maybe they accidentally shipped out the damaged ones first.

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Well I did get any email saying some were damaged and they had to order more but I didn't think it would have been shipped.

Anyone have an idea for a contest?

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quite a few of us got multiples because of the crazyness. i ordered 2 and i have 6

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Do either of you have multiple you could spare? I recently decided to have a security system installed in my house and few things in my house were stolen by the people who were supposed to install the system! This included my poster that was still in the shipping tube. Now I have this brand new frame and nothing to put in it. I would be willing to pay for the poster plus shipping if anyone would be so kind. Thanks!