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FUcking dried mangoes, oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! So chewy and so much flavor


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Sicilian Pepperoni Pizza (New York style). There's a place that delivers around here, but they're closed.

#3 Edited by AjayRaz (12691 posts) -, i could really go for some dried mangos right about now. like, real bad.

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man some beef jerky would be reeeal nice right now

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Pho Dac Biet, with the beef raw and plenty of sprouts and Sriracha. It's not random if I'm constantly craving this, is it?

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If ice cream didn't do any of the bad things it does, I would eat as much of it as I pleased every single day (probably).

That, along with macarons, strawberry jam/ chocolate filled pastries and cinnamon buns...

you guys..I, I love cinnamon buns so much. It's the cinnamon...and the sugar.


Also fries. Never not down for fries.

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@aegon: you need to come to my house. we have one cinnamon roll left and tons of fries leftover from dinner. i'll pay for the trip!

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I've been craving, like, decent onion rings for the past I dunno how long... There's nowhere near me that has decent onion rings...

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Hnnnnnnnng. Stop. I have none of this in my house. It's 3 a.m. I can't go out now! Guess I'll just go eat some more moldy bread...

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Giant Donuts!

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Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Pretzels. Shiiiiiiiiiittttttt....

OOH also their peanut butter filled pretzels, salted.

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You're all pregnant.

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A big-ass taco from Rolando's Super Tacos cuz Spurs won.

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domino's pizza

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Can't deal with this thread first thing on a Monday. Ya'll killin' me.

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I hate you all... Goooooood damn.... might as well continue the torture

Double Bacon Cheese burger, from local burger joint in Denmark.

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I've been eating a ton of black beans and brown rice, and this thread makes me want to stuff my face.

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I stuffed my face after reading this thread.

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