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in borderlands 2, im having issues where my game would just freeze for around 3 seconds, every one in a while, forcing me to take alot of damage in combat, and get me pissed off at the game

i still have this issue with both the 320.49 nvidia driver and the 314.22 driver, im using 314.22 for now

v-sync isnt affecting these 0% usage and 0fps drops

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fps drops to zero, gpu usage drops to zero, cpu usage drops to zero, for like 3 full seconds more or less

i dont have this issue in ANY other game, its just borderlands 2

like here is the worst cpu optimized game in pc history, black ops 2, nothing happens all game, it runs perfect, its only borderlands 2

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Try turning the phsyx off

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Check your system event log for errors tied to the nvidia display driver. (Event Viewer > Windows Logs > System)

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I would highly recommend turning PhysX Off. I too have a GTX660Ti and I play with them on low and have done for over 230 hours of playtime without issue. The effects may look good, but once a big fire fight starts the GPU can't handle it even when using medium settings.

Also check that the nvidia control panel isn't using the CPU for physx as this handles it worse than your GPU.

edit: In my experience Borderlands 2 does not like any overclock on the GPU. Try taking it back to stock settings and see if that helps.

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Turn physx down to low or at least Medium.

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Yeah, Physx off and cap your framerate to 60 and see if that helps.

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A list of your systems specs would be most helpfull please..........

Dont use ANY of the 320s nvidia drivers... use one before it as their specific for the 7 series cards only, their complete dog shit for every other card out there for the most, very buggy when it comes to optimization and shading specially for 6 series cards........

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nothing shows up in event log, i tried all the bs with compatability mode, run as admin, increasing vram for the game, opening online ports

i have 8/8gb useable ram, so the ram isnt an issue

physX is has been set to "gpu" and not "auto-select"

i dont wanna turn physX off or lower it lol, i paid for the game for the physX

i dont even have this issue on the pirated copy of borderlands 2, im having this issue with the official copy that i paid for

msi 660ti power edition...... 1300 boost clock...... 7ghz vram

i5 3570k not-overclocked

8gb...... 2x4gb dual channel 1600

700w 80+ bronze psu

asrock z77 extreme4

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did you try turning the physX off though? just to see if it makes any difference what so ever? to me, from what you've decribed it sounds like while your playing the game, the game has stopped responding and freezes and then windows fixes it and brings in back in a space of a few seconds, hence the massive CPU drop... not playing on multiple monitors are you? or have it set to window mode or anything? You could also try a reinstall of the game also.. as you say your "other" copy of BL2 is fine... so something might have got fucked up and need a re-install.....

if your using a cheap 5200RPM Harddrive, still shouldn't be having this issue, but might be worth changing harddrive as the slow read/write speed could be messing you up....

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i still have the same issue on fullscreen or windowed

im using a 7200rpm 1tb normal harddrive thats 90mb/s

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Again, check your event log for nvidia driver related errors. That overclock on your video card may be cause problems depending on the workload of the title in question. You may be experiencing driver hangs/restarts which would be recorded in the event log.

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its not being recorded the in the event log under "hardware" or "applications" or anything

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i remember when i had test drive unlimited on one machine, and it was wrestling with the firewall, the framerate went to shit.
Then i allowed it access, and it was smooth sailing.

Since you said the cracked version worked fine, i thought it might be something network/auth/firewall related.

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good tip devil didn't even think about that really...

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i dont have a firewall on my computer and i uninstalled all of my anti-viruses, then reinstalled the game after deleting all the leftover .cfg files

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reinstall windows?

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This sounds to me like a HD issue or a windows problem. Run CHKDSK and see whats up.

How long has it been since you formatted your HD? Almost every computer I have ever seen that has problems like that is suffering from bit-rot or a virus. A quick format and windows reinstall fixes almost every problem. To save time on the next install you should image your fresh windows install and keep it on an external HD. With an imaged drive a format - windows reinstall takes me under a half hour.

Plus, the 660 ti is kind of a crappy card for physX. My 680 barely runs physX in that game. I'm talking about 50% reduction in FPS. It is because the 6xx series of cards were designed for FPS at the expense of GPU Compute performance.

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You might want to take a closer look at both copies of the game that you have, quite clearly one of them is different, and you'll have to find out what exactly it is thats different about them apart from the obvious patch updates.

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i just re-installed windows and formatted completely, like double format, then restarted the computer to install windows

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good luck..

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lol i still have the issue lol

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Try downloading SiSoftware Sandra tools if you haven't already; a very useful and easy-to-use diagnostic/troubleshooting tool for all of your system's on-board devices, assuming the issue is on your end and not Gearbox's (they're kinda notorious for shipping deeply flawed/game-breakingly buggy products on the PC and taking forever to fix them).

Check specifically for the performance enhancing tips at the bottom of each device's info. After building my new rig recently, I definitely noticed certain esoteric but positive outcomes with a couple of games I've been difficulties with since and just in general, after following them.

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Without being there and seeing it, I dont really know how to diagnose it....... It could be any number of things... You need to go to the official BL2 forums and see if anyone else is having the same issue, if not, post there and see if anyone responds with a fix for you.... I still suspect its an update / driver issue because it only happens on one of your copies of the game... If you have season pass, it could be one of the DLCs not working correctly..... try an older driver... older then 314.22 even.... Using a GTX 560 ti in sli and get no problems with it, and friend is using a GTX 760 max settings also and isn't having any issues like that either !!! but yea.. post on the official forums if you haven't already...

It might even be something in your MSI drivers/afterburner software thats fucking it all up, try downclocking your card to default standard settings as that is a OC card out of the box.....Make sure everything is cool enough, like CPU and your GPU... make sure you fan speed is adequate enough and running fast enough to cool the card down

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other people are having the issue

the issue only happens when ur connected online

and dont judge my internet, i get 8ms ping to almost 100 miles away and 30mb download and 10mb upload

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@xboxtwo: so you said you didnt have a firewall, or antivirus stuff, does that include the windows firewall, have you disabled that too?
another thing you could try is updating your network interface drivers.

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its ALL disabled

my pc is ready for an attack like pearl harbor

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lol xboxtwo... if its for online play, I guess just play in offline mode? if you had any spare hardware, I would try changing the router to a different one, modem to a different one, it has to be a setting inside there thats screwing stuff up........ ISPs do block certain port numbers but dont see that happening or it wouldn't work online at all....