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Apparently the HD Collection was crap at first. Bad framerate. Only 720p rendering resolution. etc. pp.

According to Kotaku, it's gotten way better. Any first hand reports on how much improved it is? Is the framerate 60 like it was on PS2?

P.S. I'm not sure if it's discounted for non-PS+ subscribers.

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Digital foundry did a thorough analysis. It's night and day apparently. Only Zoe 2 was updated tho.

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It's great, this coming from someone who refused to play 2nd Runner HD before the patch. Some minor slowdown during the most intense fights but no worse than the original I think.

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@ervonymous: @Gnubberen: @paulwade1984:

Thx for the heads-up guys. I think it's finally time to beat that final boss in 2nd Runner. Guess I won't try and beat it on hard this time around.

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Patched? You mean I can finally buy this now? Excellent.

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Jesus. The difference is staggering. Guess all those outlets should update their reviews. At least if they'd feel any responsibility to do the game justice.