Splitscreens using Frostbyte?

#1 Posted by Gladiator_Games (529 posts) -

Can anyone recommend any good split screen games that run the frostbite engine?

#2 Posted by benpicko (2016 posts) -

Well... out of the 5 games that run it right now, I don't think there are any.

#3 Posted by Skald (4384 posts) -

That's weirdly specific.

#4 Edited by Ninja (583 posts) -

Why? Are you producing something on the limitations of the engine? Weighing one engine over another? Do you have a friend who is all about the frostbite engine and you're telling him why unreal or maybe you're backing id tech 2, that#d be awesome I guess.

#5 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

Most chances that if you run split screen the game will lower the graphics settings so the request for games using Frostbite (for graphics I assume) is really weird.

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