Just Played A Ranked Tournament On Xbox Live

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#1 Posted by evildeadron (900 posts) -

and something happened, that has not happened in a very long time.... 
Seven man tournament, tight play throughout, make it to heads up play with a 2:1 chip lead, i finally bust out the other player and i get a message notification and it says  
GG man 
sent him a  message back and preferred him as a player. i'm used to getting hate messages or threats for killing someone repeatedly in call of duty, or getting some hispanic wannabe gang member threatening to kill me because me and my gf were "cheating" in team hardwood hearts, because we were in party chat on the same team...and we lost the game that we were accused of cheating in...or most recently, getting a verbal tirade from some kid because i came back to beat him during jack attack in you dont know jack. 
it was a nice and surprising change, xbox live could use some more civility, it goes a long way....side note, Full House Poker is pretty fun.
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#2 Posted by PhatSeeJay (3331 posts) -

I was looking forward to a chance to try this game myself but it seems Sweden isn't among the countries that will get that chance or something.
Oh well. Guess nothing brings out friendship like some poker and that kind of gambling is against the laws.

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#3 Posted by therealnelsk (373 posts) -

YES, super glad to hear this. I've been waiting for this game for a while, gonna go load it up in a bit and check it out. I really don't know much about it, but it's really cool to see people playing some Gentleman's Poker, as has been my experience with a lot of poker players.Gotta respect hard fought heads-up poker, even if you lose.

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#4 Posted by Shadow (5241 posts) -

Online poker for me: never not all in

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#5 Posted by evilhomer (437 posts) -

same here.  played and won two 6-man tourns so far and both were good experiences.  it has been solid play, just one crazy person in the 2nd tournament and he was gone fast so didnt effect much. 
i wish the stat tracking was more in-depth, its pretty lacking right now and combines single player and online stats which is disappointing but other than that enjoying the game =]

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#6 Posted by CABBAGES (588 posts) -

I played a few games.  
Lost one came 2nd in one then ....... 
In the first hand of the next one i turned my laptop on and as it was signing into skype i won :( 
So looks like it has the same problem that other xbla poker game had.
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#7 Posted by HydraHam (1380 posts) -

I only played 3 games and everyone at the tables were cool and played the way you should play poker, not all in every hand.
That is my major gripe with free online poker games and online poker games that use digital (fake) money, people are just silly and go all in with 2/8 off suit pre-flop, i like to play poker against people who know how to play it and this game so far has delivered, granted most of the people i played against weren't as experienced as me in poker (not that im saying i am a poker god, far from it) i had no problem winning all 3 games, just glad it isn't full of hate mongering 13 year old kids.. who knows maybe they are busy with homefront and black ops or maybe i just got lucky and the 90000 connect tries got me in 3 good games.
They defiantly need to fix the connection issue but i don't think it's just this game, i tried hopping on homefront to see what the MP was like and it took me a good 10 minutes just to get into a game, i found it easier on this game just to create one but it's by far my favorite online poker game, i just hope i dont run into many tables with hate mongering kids and adults who play like retards and send you incredibly racist and hateful messages when you knock them out.

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#8 Posted by Animasta (14903 posts) -
@Shadow said:
" Online poker for me: never not all in "
same, I'm terrible even against computer players.
what i lost how did I lose I HAD A PAIR!?
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#9 Posted by Sogeman (980 posts) -
@PhatSeeJay said:
" I was looking forward to a chance to try this game myself but it seems Sweden isn't among the countries that will get that chance or something. Oh well. Guess nothing brings out friendship like some poker and that kind of gambling is against the laws. "
The game is only released in countries that have Windows Phone 7 and the Texas Heat addons are only coming out in US, CA, UK, GER and Ireland. Whoever thought up that nonsense is a complete idiot, especially since the achievements for the first Texas Heat season are already added to the main game. That means I can never S rank this game.
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#10 Posted by Lukeweizer (3274 posts) -

I've been playing free online tournaments (too cheap to pay) so I've been running into a lot of all-in first hand. Pretty annoying.

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#11 Posted by Vao (348 posts) -

Was playing the demo last night and it was pretty interesting. my only thing i wish they had added was an over the shoulder camera angle, and the camera just feels, off to me. I might end up picking it up when the networking has been fixed completely. 

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#12 Posted by SamFo (1657 posts) -

i have had a bunch of great games and yes. I think this game has a particularly polite community!

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