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Greed Corp review

I plunged into Greed corp not expecting much but was  pleasantly surprised of what I Found.
It starts out with a little intro showing that humans, or what ever they are, are basically mining the planet to the core causing large chunk of land to crumble. The four in-game factions are now fighting over the remaining world resources. 


That sums up the story but this is one of those games that does not need a story to be fun because of its solid game play.  
Greed corp has 2 modes you can chose from a campaign were you play as each faction through 24 levels and learn the basics of the game.  
The other mode which allows you to play a offline and on. I really like the player lobby because you can add a local player to the lobby and then take it online allowing online players to join or just add bots to game.
 Greed corp is a turned based strategy game but with a twist it has this Innovative land collapsing mechanic which opens new strategic routs and keeps the map ever changing. One round  you might be standing on safe solid ground and the next you might be dangling on a single column ready to crumble.
You need credit to do anything in this game and you get those credits by throwing down harvester which gather resources but slowly destroy the land around it. You then spend that money you have gathered creating new building or  units which can capture the new pieces of land which you can then build on. You win a match by capturing your all of your opponents land. When you wipe out a opponent you get all their credit and equipment they might have. Most matches last about 20-30 minutes so it is a good jump in and play game.
Greed Corp is fun and innovated strategy game and if you got $10 laying around I would definitely recommend you should buy it.
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