Condiment wars

#1 Posted by icytower38 (535 posts) -

Do you go with just 1 condiment on your burger, none, or mix & match?
I myself am a Mustard guy through and through, no matter if it is a burger or hot dog. I don't care for ketchup or Mayo on a burger whatsoever, don't know why but I just can't stomach either when on a good old fashion burger.

#2 Posted by skrutop (3812 posts) -

Depends on my mood.  I like Lowry's Season Salt when cooking the burger, muenster cheese, and ketchup.  Sometimes A1 is pretty good, and other times I like mayo.  The only time I use mustard is on Vienna beef hot dogs.

#3 Posted by dantheman1515 (311 posts) -

I'm weird. I like BBQ sauce. I'm very plain when it comes to food. My go to is usually bacon, cheese, and BBQ sauce. I get ketchup at In and Out though.

#4 Posted by Arbie (1480 posts) -

Burger sauce! I don't know what it is but it tastes of mayo,ketchup and mustard all mixed together! It's beautiful! Other than that I'm a complete mayo lover!

#5 Posted by Mmmslash (2190 posts) -

It's all about the ketchup, if other toppings count as condiments, then I am also a fan of the finely diced onion.

#6 Posted by drdeanos (9 posts) -

brown sauce (HP of course)  all the way, fruity/spicy/sweet/vinegary brown sauce on a nice rare burger on a lightly toasted bun, hmm.

#7 Posted by bartok (2660 posts) -

Mayo is nasty and just adds more fat to an already fatty food. Personally I like ketchup, mustard, and dill relish. I also hate American cheese and prefer a sharp cheddar or a nice pepper jack.

#8 Edited by ZmillA (2352 posts) -

I don't consider cheese a condiment when it comes to burgers. I use ketchup, mustard, and mayo. The variation comes in the type of mustard I use. Also tomato and lettuce if those are considered condiments.

#9 Posted by dudeglove (9444 posts) -

Ketchup/mayo combo.

#10 Posted by wavegoodbye (309 posts) -

Nothing wrong with the Ketchup + Mustard + Mayo trifecta.  However, I'm known to go only BBQ sauce if I'm feeling sassy.

#11 Posted by VoshiNova (1979 posts) -

Ketchup only dude, mayo is one of the worlds most disgusting condiments.

#12 Posted by Hourai (2738 posts) -

Usually ketchup and mayonnaise. Sometimes I'll throw some mustard in there. 

#13 Posted by animateria (3302 posts) -

Ani...mal... style?

#14 Posted by bartok (2660 posts) -

My stepmom would eat spoonfuls of Mayo out of the jar. That right there is enough to make me not look at the stuff without getting nauseous.

#15 Posted by Whisperkill (3045 posts) -

Practice a safe lunch, use condiments.

#16 Posted by DRooPZ (91 posts) -

bit of A1, maybe mustard?

#17 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

dijon and catsup :-d

#18 Posted by one_2nd (2388 posts) -

Ketchup only, anything else sucks. I mean when Bruce Willis hates mayo on burgers, you better not use it. 

#19 Edited by jorbear (2570 posts) -

It depends on my mood, but whenever I go to 5 Guys I usually get... 
Double Patty 
Double Cheese 
A1 Sauce 
But one of my favorite burgers is the Spicy Baja at SmashBurger. It is... 
Pepper Jack Cheese 
Spicy Chipotle Sauce

#20 Posted by Drewbs (2794 posts) -

Spicy brown mustard.

#21 Posted by lockwoodx (2532 posts) -

Fried egg

#22 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1870 posts) -

I always get ketchup, mustard and tomatoes...after that, depends on my mood and what's available.

#23 Posted by Dork_Metamorphosis (257 posts) -
@dudeglove said:
" Ketchup/mayo combo. "
This ever since I worked at Burger King for a couple months at age 15.  That's what goes on a Whopper.  I prefer more ketchup than mayo. 
#24 Posted by Gamer_152 (14297 posts) -

For me ketchup is king.

#25 Posted by Hyperfludd (398 posts) -

Ketchup and the good BBQ stuff. If I'm a little daring, toss some sort of sweet/sour sauce on it.

#26 Posted by WhiskeyTom (4 posts) -

On a run-of-the-mill fast-food burger: mayo, ketchup, yellow mustard, dill pickle slices.
On a family-BBQ fat, juicy burger: mayo, ketchup, sweet relish.

#27 Posted by the_shref (42 posts) -

ketchup + Franks = tasty.

#28 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2851 posts) -

ketchup & mayo mixed together, maybe some bbq sauce too.

#29 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -

Ketchup and mustard.  The two flavors counter and compliment each other perfectly.

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